“R&B Divas” recap (2.2): First Class Divas (Or Not)

Later, LaTocha and Keke also hang out for a bit, as they don’t know each other that well and there’s the potential for bonding over having husbands who are also managers. This seems like a good idea! LaTocha opens up the door to bonding time by complaining how sometimes it’s hard to switch from business mode to family mode at the end of the day. To which Keke responds “Eh, I just tell Michael to shut the hell up.” Aaand begin a series of amazing sequences where sweet LaTocha just does not know how to deal with the bizareness brashness of Keke Wyatt, all of which is rather entertaining to watch.

Apparently this hanging out went well enough though that the two of them and their husbands later have a couples dinner. Michael lets Rocky and LaTocha in on some of Keke’s rocky personal history; LaTocha asks how therapy worked out for her. Keke says it worked “pretty good” in the fact that she now “doesn’t want to choke somebody to death until they’re dead.”

Well then.

Rocky is just as sweet as his wife and encourages Keke to find the peace within herself that he knows she has. Keke then says she’s real happy about this dinner, as they’ve been trying to find another couple to become friends with. She then says the saddest sentence ever uttered: “I don’t really have friends at all.”

Baby girl.

However, my Keke feels are about to rocket all over the place as we approach our second group meeting with Angie, this time with LaTocha included. And this time it’s going to be on more real Angie first class terms, starting with, don’t interrupt her while she’s speaking. Which Keke promptly breaks by ordering wine from the waiter. Begin tension.

Nicci and Syleena might be starting to resolve their issues, though, with a heavy emphasis on the “might be” as Syleena is still hella pissed, even though Nicci is now putting on her nice girl face.

Syleena is also looking GOOD.

This gets interrupted pretty quickly though by Keke and Angie. Now, I admit the wine ordering shouldn’t be a huge deal, while also understanding how it could’ve still been slightly irritating to Angie after she had just commanded everyone’s full attention. But Keke continues to dig her grave by talking sass back about it and then saying, completely out of nowhere, “And I’m not old, so I don’t have to go on tour.” Hoo-boy. Way to insult not just Angie but really the whole table. Angie takes that as her sign, and leaves. Nicci goes after her and convinces her to come back, but the fight continues. Keke says Angie has to stop talking at her like she’s a child, and SHE leaves the table. Nicci goes after her. Sigh. She eventually returns, but even as Angie apologizes for appearing to act like their mother as Keke said, which is not her intent, Keke refuses to look at her and rolls her eyes in all sorts of Keke ways.

I saw some divisiveness on Tumblr about this mess of a lunch; it seems the fight between fans has now become Team Angie v. Team Keke, with a lot of people on the Team Keke side. But the more I watch this scene, the more foolish and immature Keke becomes, to the point where I feel like my Keke Wyatt love may be wavering, and wavering hard, which I never thought I’d say. Listen, Keke says of Angie that you have to give respect to earn respect, and “it even says that in the Bible,” so if you want to get to that holy place at the end of the road, you better act right. But dear Keke, you’re the one you called Angie an “old ass bitch” as you walked away, and you also said she should “go kill herself” while you talked to Nicci on the stairs. Come on. I understand you feel that Angie’s being condescending, but in Angie’s heart I don’t think she’s being anything but a classy ass diva trying to help, in the finest sense of the word diva. Which I think she proved by trying to apologize.

And I think there is something to say for respecting those who have experience and wisdom in your field, especially when it’s someone that Faith specifically brought in for the good of the group. Keke gets so defensive at the drop of a pin that it makes her ugly. And I think she was so charming last season because she was working on that ugliness, while still being goofy and lovable. But this season so far there’s no vulnerability, just a heightened divaness that is turning me off big time. Ugh, you guys. What is happening? Is it just me?

There was so much drama in this episode overall that I’m almost wondering if there’s higher ups pulling the strings and demanding more of it, while at the same time the divas do still act so real that I would doubt it. But what made the show so special last season was the camaraderie and the realness between all the ladies, and how they all brought themselves to a higher level, even through the bumpy parts. Next episode seems to focus on Monifah and her own singing career, so I’m really looking forward to that. And hopefully, we’ll get back to the divas I love soon.

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