“R&B Divas” recap (2.1): No Mushing Allowed

Keke’s singing career also seems to be on the uptick at the moment with a successful single performed with R&B singer Avant, which she also performs at the awards before the group performance.

Work it, girl!

And then the big moment comes, and I am ex-cit-ed. I can take or leave the Syleena-Nicci bitching, but man, give me the divas together on stage and I am THERE.

Chaka Khan is sitting in the front row, occasionally fanning herself with a badass fan, and with a constant huge smile on her face. And girl is looking GOOD.

Monifah continues to rock sparkly dresses as no one else can.

And while all the divas can sing, man, Keke’s pipes are really on fire.

They receive a standing ovation, and Chaka dabs at her eyes. Monifah is overcome back stage and dabs at her eyes, as well. And I dab at my eyes because when Chaka Khan cries, you cry! It’s a pretty unanimous life highlight for everyone involved, and probably the best way to start a season ever.

We then get a glorious preview of what’s to come in the rest of the season, including the addition of yet another diva next time, in the inimitable Angie Stone. And hooee, does this look like another fun ride ahead of us, including a potential marriage proposal between Monifah and Terez. (!!!) You can watch the first episode for free as well as other highlights at TVOne.

What are your thoughts on the new divas? Are you Team Syleena or Team Nicci? Do you think the divas will actually be able to go on tour? And finally, when can I steal Monifah’s wardrobe?

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