“R&B Divas: Atlanta” recap (3.1): Enragement Party

Keke, however, has Stink Face on, and remains quiet as Syleena tries to lay down what’s what. Meaning, either get over it, or talk about it with Monifah one-on-one. Don’t ruin the engagement party that’s just supposed to be about love. However, when Keke does show up at the party, her Stink Face is on FULL FORCE from the moment she walks in the door. She’s wearing combat pants, and it’s like she’s shown up ready for a battle that only she wants to fight.

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There are a few moments of potential good times for this party, like the super hot photo of Terez and Monifah kissing that Syleena has had projected all over the club, and the fact that Syleena’s sisters are there too and I love them, and that Mo will show up rocking leather pants and a shiny gold shirt, and the fact that Syleena has had the club make a custom drink for the evening called the Mo’rez. The Mo’rez! How come I never thought of this myself!

But when Syleena shares that the Mo’rez is non-alcoholic because Mo doesn’t drink anymore, and says it like it’s a well-known fact, it’s actually not a well-known fact to Keke, since she hasn’t talked to Mo in so long. And it’s like when Emily Gilmore learns that Lorelai broke her leg and she never knew, and it sets off something inside her.

Once the happy couple shows up and Angie asks for details about the wedding, Mo says that they don’t really have any. Now, this does seem a little fishy, that they got engaged months and months ago (at least, if the timing the show has presented is correct) and they don’t have ANY plans at all. But then Keke suddenly goes off about lying and liars in the lake of fire in hell or something, I don’t know, and everyone’s like, what are you talking about, and then she just starts cursing and giving everyone the middle finger and doing her intense eye roll thing in an angry way and Monifah is like, wait one damn minute, no.


By this point, everyone’s hackles are up and the ladies are alternately standing up and trying to talk sense into Keke or sitting around looking bewildered about what’s going on. This causes Keke to retreat into defense mode, saying that she just “made a joke” and “didn’t do anything wrong” and then she ends up repeating lines she’s said before, about how her family and her Christianity is more important to her than this, which seemingly has nothing to do with anything. Basically, she is making no sense. Life with Keke Wyatt is like ten steps forward and ten steps backward, all the damn time, and I do get Monifah’s point of view here, because it gets exhausting after a while.

Monifah said earlier when talking to Syleena that she just wants Keke to “do better,” because she just doesn’t have time for it anymore. I think we all want Keke to do better. Because she shows such potential for it. But then certain public situations just send her into another sphere.


As Syleena says, the night ends up being, overall, a total disaster. Syleena tries to make a nice speech about love not being about gender or race or color, but it falls flat because everyone is so busy being annoyed with each other. Sad face! And then too soon the episode is over, and we segue into a preview of what’s in store for us in the rest of Season Three.

And hoo-ee, there is a lot of stuff in store for us! There are concerts and family heartaches and drama and, most excitingly, a LOT of Terez and Mo wedding plans. It looks like we will indeed get to see the wedding, and that the wedding will take place in—dun dun dun—Hawaii! Hells to the yeah. The divas in Hawaii? I am so. there.

What were your thoughts about the explosive Season Three premiere? Was it too much drama off the bat? Do you like the addition of Meelah and LaTavia? Will Keke and Mo be OK? Tell me your thoughts! I’m so happy our ladies are back.

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