“R&B Divas: Atlanta” recap (3.1): Enragement Party


And then they sing a little, which is what we’re all here for, hallelujah. Angie Stone presents her Big Idea that she brought everyone together for. Since most of them don’t actually have a lot going on at the moment, she wants to get things started. She thinks they should do a showcase. Which everyone unanimously and immediately hates. A showcase is normally an event for emerging artists, and they think they’re all past that point. Oh, Angie Stone. Still trying so hard! Still failing utterly!

Meelah and LaTavia meet up later at LaTavia’s apartment to discuss how the tea party went, and they reveal themselves to be slightly sassier than they appeared at the tea house. Essentially, they know that involving themselves with the divas is a good thing, but they’ll also take off the gloves if they need to. LaTavia is also rocking some badass glasses, and with her gorgeous hair pulled back, she is giving me a major Cosima vibe. Meaning, I already love her.


There is one diva that Monifah has definitely not cut out of her life, though, and that’s Syleena. When she and Mo catch up at the gym one day, Syleena announces that she’s planning on throwing her and Terez an engagement party. Mo cries in response, which reassures us a little that Mo is still pretty much Mo.


Terez is still living in New York, but when she comes down to visit, Monifah shares Syleena’s plans. While Terez thinks it’s sweet of her to throw them a party, she’s also slightly apprehensive, perhaps knowing that if all the divas do show up, the night will end up not actually being about Terez and Monifah’s union at all. Because Terez is a smart cookie and can see the future.


Syleena has turned into the peacemaker now, first visiting Monifah at the studio to make sure it’s OK to invite Keke and Michael to said engagement party. Monifah, by the way, has already laid down 10 tracks for an upcoming album and is feeling really good about it all. Yay music! Yay Monifah! After the slightest bit of hesitation, she says that of course it’s fine if they come, so then Syleena goes over to Keke’s house to talk about the party in person, to make sure it’ll all be cool. Michael shows some increased maturity on his part about the whole gay thing, because he says, “We will be there, because we support their union, and we support the love that they share.”

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