“R&B Divas: Atlanta” recap (3.1): Enragement Party


This silence between Keke and Mo is actually the first thing we learn about in this episode, as Keke stares at her phone in her kitchen, wondering why it’s been so long since she’s heard from the Purple Princess. She’s surrounded by Michael, her brother Keever, some of her adorable children, and her mom, Lorna, who is currently living with her for reasons we’re still unclear on. But being that she’s the woman who produced Keke Wyatt, I am positive that Lorna’s inclusion in this season will be amazing.

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While Keke thinks Mo might be throwing some shade, Michael and Lorna and everyone else can see the real root of Keke’s problem: she’s just hurt. Without the divas, it seems like she’s back to square one, not having any female friends or life outside of her family and career, and that makes her insecure. And when she shows up at the Gratitude Tea and tries to bring it up to Mo, from Keke’s point of view, it does like seem Monifah’s being cold and a little weird. But at the same time, Keke is apparently unable to present it the way Michael had encouraged her to. Instead of just saying, “I miss you,” she instead says with a frowny sassy face, “I haven’t heard from you,” making it accusatory from the start.

But hey, in better news, Keke’s chopped hair right now is totally the best!


After Keke and Mo’s slightly awkward beginnings, the tea is a time to start getting to know the new divas. Monifah feels an immediate bond with LaTavia when she shares that the last decade or so post-Destiny’s Child has been rough, that she’s sabotaged herself again and again and had some substance abuse problems. She’s also a brand new mother, raising her recently born daughter on her own.

Meelah gives gratitude for her son, who she was told had only a 10% chance at life when he was born. But he’s now four years old, and was also just recently diagnosed with Autism. She presents this news with the same thankful smile she had when she talked about how he beat the odds at birth, and I’m really interested to see more about her son and their journey with Autism in the future.

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