“R&B Divas” (2.8): Joy and Foolishness


If we’re all done wiping our eyes, there is one more positive thing that happened in this episode that we can celebrate, before everything goes to hell. Syleena has a listening party for her new album with Musiq Soulchild. All the divas are there except for Nicci, and when Syleena plays a reggae track called “Feel the Fire,” the house starts grooving. Yay for music and supporting each other! You know, the things this show was supposed to be about!

Blurry screencap due to an excessive amount of groove.

Afterwards, though, as all the divas sit down for a drink, Angie Stone brings up her fight with Nicci from last episode, and brings up the concerns she had about this charity show. Even Nicci’s closest boos, Mo and Keke, start to feel a little concerned. So the next day, Monifah invites Keke, Michael, and Nicci over to her apartment, just to get the details clarified from Nicci herself. And hoo boy, from the moment Nicci walks in, it is a pure shit show.

Before anyone asks Nicci a damn thing, she starts going off the rails about how Angie Stone is apparently the worst person in the entire universe, and to be honest I have a hard time even clearly understanding what’s she’s saying because there are so many bleeps flying out of my TV screen. I mean, I have a hard time understanding what Nicci Gilbert is REALLY trying to say even when there’s not a tornado of curses funnelling out of her mouth. Maybe there’s some disconnect between her brain and her words. Or maybe she’s just shady. Even Monifah and Keke wish the woman would just calm down.

My favorite part of this scene, though, is Michael, who sits there silently the entire time with wide eyes, mouth slightly agape in wonderment, as if he has just been presented with a really difficult math problem.

Nicci curses. Michael’s brow turns confused and concerned, like he doesn’t know why this is happening to them.

Nicci curses. Michael starts to sweat. I am in love with Michael.

Why us, Lord?

In the end, Keke and Mo agree to come to the event, but in the weakest fashion I have ever seen. Neither of them can even muster saying “Yes” out loud, just sorta meekly nodding their heads instead. In other words, they are pumped! Divas and Wildflowers, whooo!

The day of the event arrives, and things begin to fall apart immediately. First, as Nicci rushes around backstage, she warns everyone around her that she will be a screaming “ignant bitch” for the next few hours. (Her words.) I mean, she has a lot going on, so obviously she’s going to be stressed, but there are a lot of different ways to be stressed. It could be funny if she directed people around with sass and control, but instead it’s always frantic and mean and horrible. Always. Frantic. And. Horrible. Also, do people actually call THEMSELVES ignant? Is that a thing? Anyway. As she continues to yell at people, Monifah tries to go around and chat with the women who are getting makeovers for the charity, as isn’t that supposed to be the whole point of this thing? I haven’t heard Nicci talk about the ladies much. Hm.

Then Monifah does a sound check and the microphone/sound system/professionalism of the entire thing is whack. When Nicci cuts off her sound check halfway through it, Mo makes the decision to not perform, for her own integrity. Good move as always, Mo. Keke Wyatt does decide to participate “from the goodness of her heart” though, and sings with her twin brother Keever who’s one tall drink of water. No, really, there’s sexy pictures of him all over Tumblr. They sound great even through the shitty microphones because Keke’s voice just has that power.

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