RachelWatch Special Edition:The Year in Frivolity


October is a month for thinking about what lies beneath surface appearances.

I’ll admit it: I had automatically written off Tank Jones because of his association with Levi Johnston. I was wrong. Incredibly wrong.

Not only did he gallantly pick up Rachel and friends at the airport, Tank seemed to be equal parts Alaskan insider knowledge and solid good sense. He is also the tallest thing I’ve ever called “adorable.” Go on and try to argue with that adjective. Just try.

After their travels, the good souls at The Rachel Maddow Show were too geeked for Election Night to go trick-or-treating (plus New York libruls just give out arugula and tofu), so they gave us a Halloween Night election special. The opening news rundown alone caused enough clamor on Twitter to wake the dead.


November saw most of us happily looking forward to sinking into a turkey coma, but Rachel was more interested in athleticism. Zenyatta wasn’t the first horse that Rachel has celebrated on the show, but I believe she’s the only one that Rachel would have joined for a true breakfast of champions.

In December, Rachel helped us update our naughty lists with a look at cheating in professional sports, and, in a satisfying full-year circle, showed off some bold new TRMS technology.

And then, like all good and industrious nerds, Rachel and staff finally got to play with their presents.

May your 2011 be happy, healthy, and full of frivolity. And maybe cool drones.

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