RachelWatch Special Edition:The Year in Frivolity

July is a month of heat, patriotism, and excitement! So why not learn to whip up a little something spicy in the kitchen of your mom?


Rachel left her own kitchen to travel to Afghanistan, but, ever the domestic type, she did pick up some lovely home furnishings.

(Personal to Richard Engel: I can’t help but notice that Rachel took a double sawbuck off you in that clip. I’ll send you $40 if you can get her to admit, on the air, that freehand pouring is an ancient, beautiful, and precise art, just like calculus or scrimshaw. It’s a win/win proposition. I’m just saying.)

The fact that Rachel had her very own gun rug didn’t mean that she forgot about her viewers. She returned in time to pass on a stern summer warning about cooling oneself with Socialist windows and roofing materials.

August was the month when Rachel finally answered the age-old question: How many bad-ass female bodyguards is enough when you’re surrounded by Italian models?

Obviously, that’s a minimum number of bad-ass female bodyguards, but still, it’s good to have a benchmark.

In September, Rachel eased us back into the school year with the official Tea Party coloring book.

Be sure to get your copy while supplies last. It’s a rare publication that can entertain, frighten, and bore your child to sleep all with a single page.

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