RachelWatch Special Edition:The Year in Frivolity

In April, the members of the Supreme Court learned about pagers.

Yes, those things you stopped carrying in 1996.Yes, the actual United States Supreme Court. The one that will be deciding thorny issues on electronic surveillance, consumer tagging, Net neutrality, and stunning new ways to invade your privacy. Its members got a crash course on pagers this April.

Dear God, I wish this had been an April Fool’s prank. Fortunately, Rachel and Kent made it fun.

Despite the balmy breezes of Spring, (Pipe down, TRMS fans on the other side of the equator. I told you this would be a biased account.) May was the month when many on the far right woke up in a cold sweat and realized that this upstart teevee whippersnapper Maddow just might be in a position to make things difficult.

You can pinpoint the opening of their pores to Rachel’s interview with Rand Paul, and her unpunditlike refusal to stop asking a question until Paul had actually answered it.

You know it’s not going to be pretty when someone answers a direct yes or no question with “Well, the interesting thing is…”

Cold Fear of a Tenacious Interviewer, meet Rand Paul Flop Sweat.

… But perversely entertaining as that interview was, it had very little to do with our frivolity theme. That’s why we’re re-celebrating World Metrology Day.

Please note my generosity of spirit in posting this clip, as Dr. Maddow and I are still in a fight over her callous, uninformed, and entirely inaccurate remarks about the art of freehand pouring.

The fact that Dr. Maddow is entirely unaware of it does not change the fact that we are in a fight.

June helped drive home the importance of measuring and counting things accurately. Especially when you are checking those things as baggage.

And speaking of mysterious packages, the intrepid TRMS Players gave us a glimpse into the world of real-life spies. If you’ve ever chickened out of taking the SPECTRE entrance exam, take heart: Turns out espionage is way dumber than you thought it would be.

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