QUIZ: Which “Real L Word” Season 3 cast member are you?

And, for your reading pleasure, here are the reveals for whole cast. If you disagree with your results, I can’t help you. The methodology for calculating which cast member you most resemble is a complicated formula involving tea leaves, new math, voodoo economics and a one-eyed cat with an abacus.

Under that shock of blinding white hair, resides you: Someone who cares deeply about

her friends formerly with benefits, and loves eyeliner. Not necessarily in that order.

You can take a hook-up in Palm Springs and turn it into a long-distance relationship like

nobody’s business. Whether it lasts until your next root touch-up remains to be seen.

You’re neither butch, nor femme — you’re an Amish man. And even though you’ve settled down,

you’re still up for the occasional three-way make-out session, ’cause that’s how you roll.

You’re not only gellin’ like a Gypsy felon in your faux furs and crazy-cray eyebrows, you’re gay

married to an honest-to-god celesbian who lets you make out with other girls. You win!

Whether your hair is up or down, you’re a rock star. Yeah, you have control issues, but you

also have a hot, new, cotton candy girlfriend to sext and fight with while you’re on tour.

You’re good with a screwdriver, but being perpetually late is your passive-agressive way of

needing to be wanted. Stop that. Also, with your wife, Donna, you are Donna Somer. Neat!

You are all over the place in every way, including backtracking to ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.

Your job changes as often as your hairstyle, but it’s fine because you’re following your dreams.

You really know how to rock a strap-on, which you keep in a paper bag, with the rest of your

clothes. Now, if only you could stop revisiting Crazytown, life would be pretty darn sweet.

You are sensible, down-to-earth and the perfect spouse. The End.

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