Quinn Marcus, the resident lesbian on MTV’s “Girl Code”


AE: So it’s just a constant self-discovery process on Girl Code!

QM: Right! Girl Code is a big discovery process of how much I don’t know.


AE: How often do you shoot? What’s your schedule like for the show?

QM: Sometimes we’re shooting two to three episodes a week. The more episodes we shoot, the more fun it is. It’s really a day of pampering. You go in and get your hair and make-up done, you sit in a chair, someone asks you what you think about something, and then you talk. It’s the best day ever.

AE: Yeah, sounds awesome! Do you get any chance to see the topics and think about them ahead of time?

QM: Yeah, they let you look at the topics but I think most of us know, a lot of us are improvisers and it’s more fun to get in there and have a conversation rather than plan it out. Some girls plan it out, everyone’s different. I kind of improvise. When I’m sitting there I’ll probably think of something I wouldn’t have if I were writing it down.

AE: Do you ever get to come up with any of the topics?

QM: No, they have [producers] on the show who are great and I think that’s a hard job. I don’t think they need our help. I think we’re supposed to be there to say the topics really loud with a huge personality.

AE: How do you think it would be different if it were a show like “Lesbian Code”? Do you think it’d be a completely different show, or is Girl Code universal?

QM: I don’t really feel like I’m necessarily the lesbian on the show. I just feel like we’re all a bunch of girls and I just happen to be a lesbian because it doesn’t really come up that often. I think if you had a “Lesbian Code,” I think maybe at the beginning it might be a little different but I think it’d just morph into Girl Code. We’re all girls, at the end of the day. I just happen to be a girl who likes girls.

AE: Is there anything else you’re working on right now?

QM: I just wrote and a shot a movie, a short film that we’re going to be touring at colleges. I do a one-woman show and show the movie. I’m doing it at Tulane, actually, in January. It’s called Alone With People and the one-woman show is about my story coming out in the South, because I grew up in Georgia and I wasn’t out. It’s about me seeing a therapist and coming out to my family and dealing with that in my own head and I wrote a short film about that one-woman show. It’s funny. It’s a mix, a good mix.


AE: Is there anything else you’d want people to know about you?

QM: I think something really cool about Girl Code—since we don’t really harp on the fact that I am a lesbian— is that now a 15-year-old girl who may be in the closet, or isn’t in the closet, but is in high school, can turn on the TV, turn on MTV, and see a lesbian comedian and she’s just one of the girls. I think it’s really cool that Girl Code is doing that for those girls.

AE: Definitely, I think it’s cool to have a lesbian, even if she doesn’t know all the lesbian answers! Nobody does. Nobody’s a perfect lesbian!

QM: Right. [Laughs]

Follow Quinn on Twitter to keep up with where you can see her short film this winter. Girl Code airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. CT on MTV.

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