Queer Women and Their Straight Female Friends


It’s unclear exactly how Angela, the artist, and Brennan, the highly intelligent
but socially awkward forensic anthropologist, became friends. But their friendship literally opens the show — in the first few moments of the pilot episode, we see Angela flashing a guy at the airport ticket counter to try and get the details of Brennan’s flight back from an archeological dig.

Angela is
Brennan’s sounding board and emotional conduit. Brennan, meanwhile, is loyal to Angela personally and professionally (she hires
her as a sketch artist at the lab), and supports her through various romantic
relationships — including her current one with a woman, which Bones does
not regard any differently than her heterosexual relationships (commenting simply,
"Women tend not to be as rigid in their sexual identities as men.")

When Brennan’s father is on trail for murder, Angela refuses to testify against
him, saying, "Friends don’t send friends’ fathers to the electric

Brennan comforts Angela when she can’t bear to look at a grisly crime scene, telling
Angela, "It’s okay. You see it. I don’t any more. I don’t know what’s worse."

Their friendship helps to give this procedural drama heart — and many
of its humorous moments.

Typical dialogue:

Brennan: You said you’ve dealt with manipulative men before.
Angela: Sweetie, this is a psycho killer, not some loser
who wants you to co-sign a loan for his jet-ski.


Although super-straight Paige initially has some difficulty accepting Ellen’s
coming-out as a lesbian, she gets over (telling Ellen, "I’m the one who
needs to change"), tries to set her up on dates and give her fashion tips, and even pretends to be
Ellen’s lover in one funny episode (5.3 "Roommates").

Ellen, in turn, listens to Paige’s ongoing complaints about her boyfriend (Ellen’s
cousin), and puts up with Paige’s frequently inane comments.

Some of the funniest moments of this series are in scenes between Ellen and
Paige, especially in the later seasons, and their friendship surprisingly turns
out to be one of the few relationships you actually care about by the end of
the series.

Typical dialogue:

Paige: [referring to Ellen's blind date] Isn’t she great?
She’s so innocent.
Ellen: Yeah, in that she’s mentally unfit to stand trial.
[pause] Look, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, setting me up and everything,
but this is not going to work out.
Paige: Just give this one a shot, OK? I’m running out of
Ellen: Well, we’re not reproducing like we used to.

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