“Project Runway” Season 10: Runway Of The Damned


Christopher, Melissa and Elena were competing with girlswear, and Chris won for his Sunday Brunch With Mom And Daughter look. For all of her complaining, the mom and her kid did look great.

Melissa and Elena were the bottom two, and If I was choosing who to auf this week based solely on this challenge, I would give Melissa the ax. This was a complete disaster. The vest was cute, but what the hell is that “baby cocktail dress” about?

That means Elena was eliminated for her dizzying explosion of styles. The jacket was adorable, but there’s just too much going on here. But again, compared to Melissa’s “Baby Human Centipede” thing, it wasn’t that bad.

What did you think? Glad to see Elena go? Did you think someone else deserved it more?

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