“Project Runway” Season 10: Runway Of The Damned


Jill is out this week, so Snicks from AfterElton is providing the recap for this episode.

Her name is a**hole. Here she is! And look, she’s holding a doll!

This week’s challenge finds the designers babysitting and designing at the same time when Heidi asks them to create looks for her Babies”R”Us collection. I have to give the show credit. As gimmick challenges go, this wasn’t was nearly as irritating as it could have been.

Everyone is assigned a mother and baby, who will model the final design on the runway. Most of the designers take it in stride … until they notice that Heidi has “that look” in her eye. That look which portends fashion mayhem. Sure enough, she informs them that not only do they have to design for a baby, but there’s a “surprise” waiting for them back at the workroom. You know it’s a good one because Tim Gunn cackles with maniacal glee.

“You’re so f*cked”

Back at the workroom, the designers discover that while they’re trying to design something that won’t get them auf’d so close to the finish line, they also have to care for those “Real” doll babies, the ones that are used on sitcoms to show how hilariously inept and buffoonish men and teenagers are when it comes to newborns. And these dolls have obviously had their “brat” switch turned on. Some of the designers cope better than others, but My Sweet Christopher and Elena do have their own way of expressing themselves. Elena: “Her name is a**hole. Here she is!” Chris: “Now I know why Judy went off the deep end with Liza.” “It’s like the demon spawn of Satan screaming.”

And here is the Deadpan Dmitry for the week:

“We’re in the baby store, Heidi is there, and Heidi has like, her 105 kids.”
“We’re all screwed.”
“Those babies are really, really small. I don’t even know how old they are. But I am pretty sure they can’t talk. It is like you are making outfit for cat. Literally.”
“My baby’s name is Brandon.”
“Fabio is obsessed with his baby. The baby is not real, Fabio. Leave it alone. It wants to sleep.”
“You can’t really go cutesy fruitsy with boy.”
“You ungrateful little brat.”
“I barely had time to put my pants on.”
“My baby is getting tired, and I’m really worried. He has to deliver. He has to sell my look.”

As if dealing with screaming spawns of Satan isn’t enough, Heidi makes a very rare visit to the workroom, and toward the end gets … that look … again. She has one more surprise for them. Not only do they have to create their baby look, but they have to design a companion piece for the mothers, as well.

“Yay for challenges!”

The mothers are game for what the designers have in mind, for the most part. Christopher’s client hates everything he has to show her, but they manage to come to an understanding before the final fitting.

The runway commences, with special guest judge Hilary Duff. Let’s a look at each of the designs and how they fared.

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