“Project Runway” recap: “Welcome Back (or Not) to the Runway” (Ep. 10.3)


While they started off well, tensions between Elena and Buffi also seem to start rising as Elena keeps telling Buffi to work faster. They have made an ambitious design, and Elena is super perfectionist girl and basically starts freaking out and has to leave at one point so she can take lots of serious breaths. The best part is that, while they are tersely conversing with each other, they keep referring to each other as “babe” because that’s the way Buffi talks. “Work faster, babe!” “Calm down, babe!”

Kooan is also freaking the hell out but Gunnar is keeping it together. To Gunnar’s credit, he also defends himself while holding his temper down as much as he can when Irina comes in and is the most horrible of the horrible and basically calls them embarrassing. Her pretentious looks give me hives. She is the literal worst.

The most surprising unraveling, though, is Michael and Andrea, which is especially sad since at the beginning Michael was all “I’m looking forward to what I can learn from her!,” which is especially sweet and unselfish for a Project Runway contestant. But while Michael is eager to learn and get going, Andrea is workin’ as slow as can be and doesn’t seem that stressed about it. In fact, she keeps giggling, all while Michael’s eyes are bugging out of his head. There’s just something about Andrea’s whole lackadaisical personality that doesn’t seem to gel with this show.

Basically, most of my predictions on the pairs turned out to be wrong. Which is good, because things would be really boring if we could predict everything. The other remaining pairs seem to be working smoothly, both with each other and their clients, such as Melissa, Dmitry, and April.

But ready or not, let’s head to runway time! The guest judge is Krysten Ritter, star of Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. She’s quirky and cute and I like her as a guest judge.

After the former contestants have walked the walk, the top pairs are Ven and Fabio and, probably to Irene’s surprise, Gunnar and Kooan. The bottom are Michael and Andrea and Raul and Alicia. The designers who stayed safe in the middle seem somewhat shocked as they march into the backroom, as they all thought they had the best dresses and should have been in the top. While this seems kind of egotistical when they should probably just be happy that they’re safe, I have to say that I agree–their looks were all different and eye-catching.

While both of the dresses at the top were clean and well-executed, they were also pretty boring.

Caption: This gets to go to the Emmy’s. Whoohoo?

Judges: We love it!
Irina: Eh, the sewing could have been better.

As for the bottom two, I feel nervous for Raul and Alicia, as their dress is just plain dull. Like, really not good. In the end, it came down to them not going with their gut of making their look more masculine, as they wanted to. Heidi asks, “Why didn’t you guys make a suit?,” and they were all “…everyone else was making dresses!” This is a good lesson for life, everybody: even when everyone else is wearing dresses, don’t be afraid to GAY. IT. UP.

I don’t think Michael and Andrea’s is as horrible, but the judges hate it. In addition, they have one of the most remarkable defending-themselves-meltdowns I’ve ever seen! Michael is literally devastated because he’s so embarrassed by the dress and wants to be there so bad and is so frustrated with Andrea, who minutes earlier in the backroom said it would be “a relief” if she was eliminated. On the runway, though, I think she feels equally embarrassed by the criticism from both the judges and Michael, and begins an abrupt attitude turnaround where she says she does want to be there and everything was Michael’s fault. And their bumbling back and forth just keeps going and going! Oh man! it is a complete mess!

In the end, Ven is the winner again, and the loser– by a hair– is Raul. Phew. I feel bad for him, since I do think he and Alicia equally flopped on this one, and they both admitted to equally flopping. While you can tell he does feel that it’s slightly unfair, he deals with it very well and is very amiable about leaving. I always want to hug the contestants who are amiable about leaving.

Alicia was lucky this time, but I do really hope she can step it up for future challenges, because I think she really could bring a new, different aesthetic to the runway.

But then! When it seems the show is over, a shocking bit of drama crops up! We see a scene from the Atlas apartments with the text, THE NEXT MORNING…, which is always a good lead in. Apparently Andrea has disappeared during the night, and no one knows where she is. Uh oh. If she has a meltdown and leaves voluntarily, while Raul was just forced to leave, I will be pissed, y’all. But then in continued scenes from the next episode, it seems like everyone is crying and volunteering to leave! What in the world? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What did you think of this challenge? Do you think the winning dress was Emmy-worthy?

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