“Project Runway” recap: One Man Monkey (Ep. 10.5)


Since I mentioned Christopher, I also have to apologize for referring to him as Michael throughout the entirety of last week’s recap. Haha, remember that time? That was weird! In my defense, he does eerily resemble Michael Costello from Season 8, so maybe my brain got confused.

Michael Costello:


I mean, am I right, or am I right?

But back to the runway. The other horrid thing with group challenges is that Heidi always asks the team members to name the “weakest link” on the team. This is even more awkward than the picking and choosing of the team members at the beginning. Team 5, not surprisingly, chooses Gunnar, who they have been picking on all episode. I have to say that Gunnar has been doing his best to suppress all his hurt feelings all episode; he could have made much more drama. But still, womp, womp, sorry Gunnar. I have a feeling you’re still safe.

For Team 6, some blame Elena, but most blame Raul. Raul and Elena most especially blame each other. Awkward times for all!

In cheerier, less tension-filled news, Melissa ends up winning this week, as she very much deserved for her fabulous blue dress. I feel like we haven’t gotten to know Melissa very well until this point–well, until the arm-tattoos/bracelets incident of a few moments ago–but she’s starting to step out as having serious potential.

When the eliminating of the bottom designers gets down to the wire, it comes down to Gunnar and Raul, once again, strangely reminiscent of the beginning of the episode. And for a second time, it ends up being Raul’s time to pack up.

Here’s where the episode gets strange. As Raul heads to the back room, he greets his former fellow designers as most eliminated designers do, saying “It’s okay, it’s cool, great experience, blah blah.” And then he feels compelled to turn to Elena, who is sitting on the couch with an intense expression on her face as always, and he says, dead serious:

“I hate your ass.”

He then proceeds to hug other designers, to whom he continues to tell that they need to get her ass out of there, seriously. There was so much cursing and bleeping throughout this though that I don’t know exactly what he was going on about.


Elena is a strong-willed woman. I don’t deny that she is over-the-top at times, particularly in this episode. She’s also Ukrainian. She also clearly cares a lot about her work. She stresses because she cares so much. She is also good at her job, while Raul is clearly not. She has also shown that when she is able to calm down, she can laugh at herself. She is human. And no one deserves to have such vitriolic hate spewed at them. On TV. What the hell. I’ve never seen someone leave the show in such an immature, harsh manner. The thing that makes Project Runway such a good reality show is that it’s normally classier than this, which is why this seems so surprising. You should have never come back, Raul. Seriously. You need to stop being a horrible person.

The worst part is that no one stands up for her. Gunnar, who is sitting next to her, starts giggling, because I think he secretly really loves the drama. In defense of everyone else, I think they were all too shocked. I wish that Tim Gunn could have been in the room to see it, or have heard about it, because Tim Gunn would not have put up with that bullshit. I’m hoping that in the beginning of the next episode, there’s some conversation about it. If there’s not, I’m going to continue feeling rage-y about it. Because here’s the thing:

It needs to stop being okay for strong-willed women to be hated on and called bitches on TV. Criticism is often a good thing; flat-out illogical hatred when it threatens a man is not. It is not okay.

But for now, moving on: It appears that next week’s challenge will involve “real life” women as clients. And, as happens anytime the designers have to work with women who aren’t size 0 models, it appears they will be complaining a lot and probably being really insensitive to the women in the process! Oh, goody. I can feel my rage meter starting to flare up again already!

What did you think of this week’s designs? This week’s dramas? Are you also fighting an urge to punch Raul in the face, or is it just me?

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