“Project Runway” recap: “It’s rich, honey. It’s everything.” (Ep. 10.14)


When Melissa’s collection walks out, it’s clear how much more polished it is as a whole. Every piece seems sleek and cool, and I absolutely love the models’ hair! And that leather dress that she whipped up at the last moment really was a knockout. (Blood Orange v. Red: Never Forget.) And it’s very cohesive. But as for innovation and really pushing the fashion envelope? I’m not sure if it’s there. But they are extremely marketable; a very fashionable, badass woman of today would undoubtedly love every piece. And lately the judges have seemed to wander on the real purpose of Project Runway: is it for fashion for art’s sake, or for fashion that’s sellable? (See: The Gretchen Jones Disaster.)

Then Dmitry! I am impressed with Dmitry from the start. It has the polished factor of Melissa’s, but a lot of it is also just real weird! Fringe! Kooky cut outs! It’s modern and different and interesting. And just so…Dmitry. The two dresses we hadn’t previously seen were fantastic, both the short one and the last one. When the last one walked out, I believe I actually had my own first personal “wow” moment of the entire season. (Which is perhaps sad.) My only critique would be that the hair that took forever is the worst. I hate the ponytails. Hate! But, the clothes, top notch.

And last but certainly not least, we have Fabio. From the background music to the color scheme to the silhouettes, most certainly, everything about Fabio’s collection is Different. And he really did take the judges’ recommendations to heart, and in addition to all his flowy balloon outfits he has quite a few sleek and sophisticated pieces as well. I also love those blue striped hot pants that came out first! I love Fabio as both a person and an artist, and I also love how absolutely unique his collection was. But maybe it’s just the fact that it’s 4:30 AM and I’ve spent the last six hours in an airport and am sleep-deprived, but after a few pieces all those pastel colors started to blend together and I felt like a pale flowing fabric zombie. But still, strangely pretty in an almost subdued, yet effective, way.

As always, the audience is abuzz with celebrities, Project Runway related and Real World celebrities combined, along with everyone else from this season. I caught just a second of Alicia, and also these two favorite personalities of mine from way back when.

You were so pleasant! And you were so odd!

But time to head back to the Project Runway set and get personal. The judges have kind words for everyone. Also, while I’ve already called attention to Heidi, Nina Garcia is looking quite the sly fox herself. Who am I kidding, Nina Garcia is always a fox!

And Ms. Hudson, that color is FABULOUS on you.

My favorite critique has to be from Jennifer Hudson to Dmitry about his collection. She says, “It’s rich, honey. It’s everything.” Anyone calling Dmitry “honey”: the best, particularly when it’s Jennifer Hudson.

On our TV screens, it seems the judges then converse amongst themselves rather quickly, but Tim Gunn’s tweet fest also let us know that the actual discussion went on for multiple hours. It becomes apparent that the real competition is between Fabio and Dmitry. Dmitry’s collection seems perfect for today, and is executed so wonderfully. Fabio though seems to have the most new vision for the future — the clothes that they didn’t even know they would like, or want, but they did.

When Christopher and Melissa are eliminated, I do shed a little tear as they hug their families in the waiting rooms, particularly when Melissa hugs mommy. All the parents are so proud and sad for them and so overcome!

And then it’s the showdown: Fabio versus Dmitry. After the way they had been talking, I had felt sure they would go with Fabio. But no! It’s the Belarusan who reigns supreme!

Fabio and Dmitry. My favorite man hug EVER.

I love Dmitry, and I did love his collection best. So, yay! It is extremely well deserved, at least in my opinion. But Fabio’s heartbreak is hard to take because he is just so goddamn sincere and kind while he is so sad and I have to admit the judges’ discussion swayed me a bit. He knew he had something special, and it sounds like he really needed the money, to help both himself and his mom. People getting so close to solving all their financial troubles and then losing it breaks my heart in two, and I think I can speak for anyone who has ever been poor.

But Dmitry also has a good story, as we’ve heard multiple times: leaving his home country at 18 with a single bag, and working towards this vision with a seemingly singular focus. And indeed, while everyone else has families waiting for them to hug and celebrate, Dmitry just has a small gaggle of blonde girls! I mean, which he still seems excited about, but, you know! I want to see Dmitry get a hug from his mommy! But anyway, so yeah, Dmitry is the American dream.

But take care, Fabio — it’s clear that so many people were both surprised by and enchanted with your collection. I don’t think you should worry about those bills you have to pay too much. People are going to want you. Take heed that Project Runway runner-ups have often proved to be more successful than winners.

Phew! And now we’re left with that strange empty feeling of it all being suddenly over, having to wait another number of months before we all get to pretend that any of us know what the hell fashion is about once again.

What were your thoughts on the collections? On the winner (and losers)? On the season?

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