“Project Runway” recap: In Which People Peace the Hell Out


Alicia, along with many other great designs, are safely in the middle once again. Buffi, Raul, and Fabio are in the bottom, with Sonjia, Michael, and Dmitry being in the top.

Everyone really loves Sonjia’s interestingly-manipulated charcoal dress, although they also really love Michael’s bad-ass yet sleek leather-jacket-enhanced one, as well. Fabio’s is too short and plain, considering that the only really interesting part about it is the pattern. All the judges basically say, YOU look awesome and interesting today, Fabio. How come your model doesn’t? And I agree; I still don’t understand Fabio’s point of view, but I think it could be a good one.

They also really hate Buffi’s pink chiffon zebra thing, as Michael feared. While I sort of agree with what the judges say, I also like that Buffi has a distinct point of view, and that she makes bright, kooky, interesting things. And anyway, it’s not nearly as atrocious as Raul’s, whose design is standing next to her above. There were at least five different pieces of fabric in Raul’s garment, and they all seemed to be a mess, and the thing just looked ugly to me. You know, in my oh so professional opinion.

In the end, Sonjia wins this time, and Hayden asks if she could wear the charcoal dress to a red carpet event. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Sonjia is still looking fine. She is so excited but in such a cute, humble way. She is just so…nice! Ugh, Sonjia. You are the best.

But sadly, the judges were somehow able to look over the horrifying mess of Raul, the designer who was already kicked off the show once, and Buffi is out.

Buffi’s departure feels like the first truly sad one, and she’s also the first one who shows true sadness herself about it. She was a great personality both in her spirit and her clothes and it’s just a bummer. But, thank God for Tim Gunn. He accordingly gives his first truly meaningful personal pep talk of the season, telling her: 

“I’m so proud of you. That was your look, that’s who you are as a designer. I said earlier it was going to be a matter of taste, and it was. So you were true to yourself.” 

This is why Tim Gunn is the heart and soul of this show. If I was kicked off of Project Runway, but left with a speech like that, I would leave Parsen’s saying, “Hell yeah, world! I was true to myself!”

And that seems to be how Buffi takes it, too. She says, tearily: “I’m going to be even more crazy and tacky and glittery and colorful, more than I was before.” In my book, any promise to be more glittery is a good promise. I’ll miss your face, Buffi.

The preview for next week shows the designers working for the best/worst client ever: the one, the only, Nina. Garcia. They’re also working in two large groups, and one group seems to be a complete disaster area. Sign me up for that!

Did you agree with Buffi’s departure? Am I weird for my ridiculous attraction to Alicia’s look? Also, isn’t Sonjia dreamy?

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