“Project Runway” recap: In Which People Peace the Hell Out

But finally this whole whirlwind of drama starts to die down, and people can start getting down to the business of making stuff. It’s hard to get a good idea of how most people’s looks are shaping up in the workroom, but the only thing that’s clear is that Michael is really, really concerned about Buffi. He keeps giving her lots of “constructive criticism” and unwanted advice. I still like Michael, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that boy is really overly concerned with everyone else’s business. He does it in this sweet, genuinely concerned way, but still, everyone gets tired of that after awhile. The straw that breaks Buffi’s back is when Michael suggests she change the pink motif of her dress to black. And if there is one thing that Buffi is, it is pink. Rightfully so, she freaks out about it for awhile in the sewing room, all, “Don’t tell me I can’t use pink, bitch!”

But onto the runway we go! Our guest judges today are Hayden Panettiere, star of ABC’s upcoming series Nashville (although I do think describing her as “singer” might be pushin’ it a little, Lifetime), and fashion designer Rachel Roy.

It’s a good show, and I have to start with really raving about our girl Alicia. When her model walks out, at first it just looks like a plain white shirt and shorts.

But as soon as she starts to walk, I feel that Alicia’s Original Tomboy aesthetic is really shown for the first time for the classy yet strong–and hot–style that it is. Each piece is well made and fits just right and has the perfect proportion. And when I say the perfect proportion, I mean that the shorts are the perfect hot-dyke length and the shirt is just the right amount of short so that you can see the ittiest bit of skin in that oh-so-appealing side hip area. This shot of it doesn’t do it justice, but trust me, that ittiest bit of skin is wonderful.

Basically, if that girl walked down the street towards me, every lesbian sensor in my brain would alert and explode and I might want to jump on top of her right there and then and never let go. Uh, I mean, er, good job, Alicia.

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