“Project Runway” recap 10.9: “An homage to a menstrual cycle”


On the bottom, we had Christopher, Ven, and Gunnar. After Tim’s critique, Ven changed his dress to somehow look even worse. And guess what! He did the rose thing in the skirt again! At least Heidi gave him a whole lot of crap about it, even going to the extent of calling Tim in to get his opinion during their Judge Chat. Michael Kors called him a “fabric florist at this point.” Sometimes you really have a way with words, Michael Kors.

Let’s also take a quick moment to absorb the beauty of Mondo, showin’ off some leg, next to Nina Garcia.


They also really tear into Gunnar’s jacket, which I agree doesn’t look good. It looks too boxy and heavy and just not attractive. I do give him props though for defending his print, which the judges say is too dark and depressing. To which Gunnar says, yeah, that’s sort of the point. That’s my heritage. We don’t always need to buy optimism. Word, Gunnar.

In the end, I don’t know if I agree with either the winner or the loser, and this is one of those episodes where I really question how exactly the judging process works.

The winner is Dmitry, and I really, really like Dmitry and am happy he has a moment to shine. But I feel like he won because he made a really awesome jacket. And this wasn’t the Make An Awesome Jacket challenge; it was the print challenge. And Sonjia without a doubt used her print better.

When it came to the bottom two, it was between Gunnar and Ven. And they went with Gunnar.

I agree that Gunnar should have the skill set to make a kickass jacket, and it’s a problem if he doesn’t. But when it comes down to creativity and overall look, Ven’s was just awful. Like, that is a really bad dress, y’all. And for the print challenge, a really horrible print. How could that not have lost? But the whole time I knew he wouldn’t lose, because he’s Ven.


In addition, after they announced that Gunnar was out and Ven was safe, Ven gave this awkward speech about how he can indeed push himself and he wasn’t going to play it safe and yadda yadda. I always find these kind of pleas pointless because telling the judges you’re going to be awesome isn’t going to help you win; just showing it by making awesome clothes will. The judges will notice. Secondly, the dude next to you just lost! You give a thankful nod, give a hug or a shoulder pat to the loser, and walk silently off the stage. That’s how you do it, people!

Gunnar, for his part, showed his surprising classiness again in his departure, and seemed to leave grateful and glad. As a bonus, we got to hear Elena call him “Gunnsy-poo.”

What did you think of this year’s print challenge? Who do you think are in the running at this point to be in the top three?

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