“Project Runway” recap 10.9: “An homage to a menstrual cycle”


Speaking of choices, there are some other decidedly bad ones going on around the room, the most striking of which is Ven. For Ven’s “pattern,” he has drawn a pink hibiscus flower. And that’s it. That’s his pattern. Boom.

First of all, I almost screamed out loud when I saw that he was drawing a flower. Again. Second of all, you have this fancy ass HP design program where you can draw so many interesting patterns and do so many things! He talks about how his Indian heritage is very colorful. Awesome. So, show me a lot of different colors! I just don’t even know.

Beyond my chagrin with the pattern itself, Tim then comes in and says that the way he’s arranging the flowers on the dress looks like a bunch of maxi pads. He says it’s like “an homage to a menstrual cycle.” Oh man. Weirdly, Ven isn’t thrilled to hear this. He starts over.

From the extremely literal to the slightly more abstractly literal, Fabio’s design is an explosion of lines which he explains to his horrified male counterparts as being penis and vaginas. He says that it’s the creation of life, the crashing and colliding of genders. The only thing is that I can’t tell, from the way he describes it, if that’s what he actually meant for it to be, or not. Either way, yep, yep, that is definitely a penis and vagina.

Gunnar’s print-story seems to be the saddest one, as he explains that his childhood was spent being pretty brutally bullied. His pattern then consists of a black bird on its way out of a cage. Or something like that. There’s a hand involved. I don’t know; he describes it a little differently each time. But it’s clear it means a lot to him.

After the first day in the workroom, the designers return to Atlas where their loved ones are preparing dinner for them. It seems like almost all the designers are having a party in one room, while strangely, Ven and Christopher are having an intimate gathering in another.

But family fun time aside, let’s get to the runway. Our guest judges are Mondo as well as Anya, winner from last season, which makes sense as she always used prints fabulously. Essentially, our guest judges are The Hottest Project Runway Peeps Ever.

Like a lot of challenges, some of my favorite looks got stuck right in the middle, like Elena’s. In the workroom I had no idea what hers would end up looking like, but when it walked out, it was surprisingly badass. The jacket looks comfortable and cool, and with the short skirt and the pink pumps, surprisingly sexy. The print was kind of kooky, but at least it was bright and different.

On the top, we have Sonjia, Melissa, and Dmitry. After getting flack for only ever doing dresses, Dmitry went for separates, and the judges freaked out over his jacket.

They also loved Sonjia’s pants, as do I. Big printed pants can either be a hot mess or really strangely awesome, and these fit that second category for me.

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