“Project Runway” recap 10.8: “Taking It to the Streets”


 So let’s move right to the runway time. Our guest judge is designer Anna Sui, who’s rocking a sweet star-patterned dress, and who ends up giving the designers a lot of motherly, but useful, advice about teamwork during the critiques.

These are how the two looks per team end up shaking out:

The collection from Elena, Alicia, and Dmitry. Dmitry rocked the black dress with the shawl, while Elena made the bulky grey jacket, Alicia the pants and top underneath.

The collection from Christopher, Gunnar, and Sonjia, that was undoubtedly most impressive when it walked out. All the looks just looked really crisp and on. The shorter jacket made by Sonjia was particularly badass.

The collection from Ven, Melissa, and Fabio, which felt more lighter and airy than the previous two, which actually made me think of fall more.

When it comes to judgment time, Christopher, Gunnar, and Sonjia are clearly on top. Their team actually ended up feeling really empowering to me, because they all produced really kick-ass things that they were all proud of individually, yet you could tell they were also proud of each other. Let the heavens part and light shine down upon us all, teamwork CAN produce amazing results and bright spirits! Hope remains!

The results are less cheery for the other two teams, though. It turns out the judges thought The Dream Team’s looks were all boring and inexpensive looking, which seems like a particularly sad waste of $800. While I didn’t feel as harshly overall towards their looks as the judges, I did agree about the thin, clingy pink tops. The one on the left in particular stuck to the top of the pants in a way so that all you could look at was the highlighted wrinkles between her stomach and the waistband, and listen, I HATE when that happens to my shirts! How is that ever attractive? Ladies have hips and bellies, shirt makers! Why do you give us room for the boobs but no room for the hips? Why must you cling to my pants?! Argh!

On to The Team Where Everyone Is Visibly Uncomfortable, Elena, Dmitry, and Alicia. While I know I’ve defended Elena before, she does really annoy me here. Before the judges even give their opinions, she tears their own work apart for them. She particularly rips into Dmitry, saying it wasn’t fair that he got to do a whole look while she and Alicia had to split theirs. Womp womp. She got to do a jacket! After watching 10 seasons of this show, I know that a single well-made jacket can steal the show, any show, every time. She’s overly compensating for her own poor work in this one. It’s immature and silly.

I feel nervous for Alicia, though. The top and pants she made are pretty plain, and the judges know it. And if there’s one thing they hate more than things turning into a mess, it’s things not being ambitious at all in the first place.

Decision time. Sonjia’s the winner with her great jacket. And as the lesser designers are saved one by one, it eventually comes down to Alicia and Fabio. And while I’m sad, I’m not surprised at all when the loser is Alicia.

I give mad props to Alicia because I think she went farther in this competition than some people might have even expected her to, and it’s clear that she has her own personal aesthetic down. A personal aesthetic, I might add, that I don’t know if I’ve ever really seen on the show before, and it’s pretty rad that a lesbian from Kentucky made it to this competition in the first place. But maybe lesbian chic, however one wants to define that, still isn’t Fashion Week Finale material. Still, I feel like she’s undoubtedly made her mark, and I think we’re going to see that Original Tomboy line of hers stick around for a long time. Which is saying a lot more than other past Project Runway contestants, who say aufiderzein and then fade away forever. Basically, Alicia, I am glad you are on our side, and you keep on doing your thing. We’ll be here for it.

Also,in the previews for next week, there is a lot to look forward to: everybody’s favorite ever, Mondo, is standing in the workroom beside Tim Gunn, squee! And it’s clear that it’s time for the challenge that has popped up in every recent season, the make-your-own-pattern challenge. I love this challenge, as it can produce some truly interesting and exciting results. And to be honest, with a lot of the designs we’ve seen this season, I’m still waiting to be truly excited.

What did you think about the loss of Alicia?

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