“Project Runway” recap 10.7: A whole lotta black dresses, with a side of sexism


In the end, Christopher is the winner. While I do really like Christopher, this does disappoint me a little. His dress just didn’t do much for me. And I do agree with everyone else’s criticism, that he’s already done the shredding technique that he did at the top several times. Just as Ven has incorporated an intricate layered rose into his dresses almost every time. We get it! You can do this one really cool thing! But versatility is the name of the game, people.

When it comes down to Alicia and Gunnar, we learn that Alicia is safe, which I thought she would be from the judge’s relatively positive comments for her. And as Gunnar is left standing on stage, I think, “They can’t kick off Gunnar.” And the wheels of my brain start turning, and thinking about how they do have a little leeway still in the elimination process, from that episode where both Andrea and Kooan peaced out at once and they only brought back one designer to fill their space.

Alas, the wheels of my brain are correct. Gunnar is safe, too. The judges thought everyone’s work was on par this week, and no one deserves to leave.

From a competition standpoint, this is a little disappointing. The show can only truly move forward through eliminations. But from the wimpy, “Oh, I hate watching people being sad!” part of myself — and this takes up a large part of myself — I am happy! Tim Gunn is too! He doesn’t have to send anyone to clean up their workspace! Hurrah!

But what did you think? Did you think it was a boring move? If so, you can rest assured that from the looks of the preview for next week’s episode, there is plenty of drama on the runway again. Who would you have sent home?

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