“Pretty Little Liars” recap (5.6): I Know Why the Cannibal Bird Sings


It is no wonder that Hanna hustles out to some cabin where Caleb is staying to drink out of his flask and sit in front of the fire and relax in the quiet company of someone who knows what it’s like to be under constant attack by an unseen source of voodoo. Travis, he doesn’t get it, and so he breaks up with her the next day. It’s for the best, really. He’s a catch, but those who have been touched by sorcery can never find true happiness with mere mortals.


Speaking of which sorcery, I forgot to tell you! Best shot of the episode! Paige opens her locker and a dead rat falls out and she screams and the edit is amazing.


The Liars decide they’ve got to get an in at Radley to investigate Bethany Young and since Spencer’s already been in there once and Hanna couldn’t pass for crazy on even her worst day and the only thing Emily’s crazy about is: crazy obsessed with Alison, Aria decides to volunteer. Like she becomes an actual volunteer at Radley. Please lord let her be in charge of jewelry-making day.

Ali asks to please sleep with Emily tonight, but like sleep-sleep and not scissor-sleep, and Emily says OK and stays up all night watching over her and making sure no one else sneaks in and beats the hell out of her. 24 hours with no sleep: Emily still looks like the kind of human being the gods try to destroy because her face is too perfect. (Wouldn’t that be a twist? A is actually Hera.) The next morning, Emily goes to Ali’s house to take her to school and Detective Roma Maffia pulls in right behind her. She asks Ali and her dad to come on down to RPD to answer a couple of questions about alibis how one 17-year-old girl can be in two different cities on the night Shana was murdered. Hells bells, if she thinks being in two cities at once is impressive, wait’ll she gets a load of the Vanderjesus.


As Detective Roma Maffia pulls away, A sends out her best text ever: “Time for the caged bird to sing.”

Tippi, motherfuckers. Just you wait.

Thank you thank you thank you to Nicole (@PLLBigA) for the beeeyootiful screencaps. Follow her on Twitter for the latest PLL spoiler and behind-the-scenes scoop!

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