“Pretty Little Liars” recap (4.02): One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


OK, so Hanna totally brings Tippi over to Spencer’s and it’s one of the best scenes we’ve ever seen:

Aria: I kissed that ninja right on the mouth because he smelled like cinnamon which smelled like Ezra who smells like cake.
Spencer: What are you ever even talking about, Aria?
Hanna: Hello! Here is Ali’s pre-death roommate, a bird. I stole it from Ms. DiLaurentis. By the way, Aria, I think your brother lives under her porch now.
Spencer: I was in Radley at one point with the biggest hair you have ever seen, and even I think this is nuts.
Aria: What’s nuts is that Wilden’s murderer was wearing high heels! High heels! Even I, Aria Montgomery of the skeleton t-shirt collection, think that is a crazy item of clothing.
Hanna: Spencer, a word? My mother owns a pair of that rare footwear, high heels. In your expert opinion, is there any chance she will be implicated in Wilden’s murder?
Spencer: She has already killed an elderly widow and her fake architect nephew with no repercussions. I wouldn’t worry about it.
Aria: Hey, what’s this song? I think this bird is giving us a clue.
Spencer and Hanna: [Roll their eyes like they are so sure Aria knows what a "clue" is.]

Hanna rushes home and flat out asks if her mom murdered Wilden and Ashley goes, “Yes, but it’s none of your business. Do you want Thai for dinner? Maybe I should teach you about boxed wine. Would you like that? Get a glass, honey. Get five glasses.” Later, she pulls her muddy Minolas from the recycle bin and crumbles them up in the garbage disposal in the sink, so that’s definitely the last we’ll hear about that.

Spencer holds onto Tippi at her house for some reason, but it keeps on singing that song so loud that she calls Hanna a hundred times and screams at her to come get her goddamn parrot. But then, on one fateful redial, she realizes that Tippi isn’t singing a song at all. Tippi is singing a phone number. The Liars reconvene and grouch at each other some more and finally decide to let Tippi dial the phone number with her own talons. But Tippi cannot. Because Tippi has flown the coop! Or, well, someone has crawled into Spencer’s second story window and set Tippi free. There’s one feather left, though, so at least Aria will get an earring out of it.

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