“Pretty Little Liars” recap (4.21): The Scarlet Letter


Anyway, so over at Spencer’s, she’s rifling through all the stuff that she scored at Ezra’s and she finds a business card for the PI that her dad told her he hired to follow Melissa, but Ezra has intimated that it was Spencer he was following. And also she finds a flashback scribbled into his journal: On the night Ali got murdered, Spencer chased her into her backyard, an extension of the fight they were having in Spencer’s living room about Spencer coming clean to Melissa about boning Ian, I think. Spencer picked up a shovel and reared back and scowled. It’s the same memory Emily had about killing Ali, so I think what’s happening is Annabeth Gish is going around town planting these things in all the Liars’ brains on the sly.


Spencer handles this trip into the Pensieve exactly how you’d expect. She yells at her dad. She yells at Toby, then tricks him into looking up at some clouds so she can escape from him. I can’t explain the way Toby explains this to Peter, but it is so funny for some reason: “She asked me to go into the Brew to get some coffees, but when I turned around, she was gone!” I think it’s how earnest his face is, like he lost a puppy or something.


Where Spencer has gone is to the DiLaurentis house to manhandle Jessica and demand some answers. Did she see Spencer attack Ali? If so, why didn’t she ever say anything? What is the secret she has with Peter, besides their bastard with that hair, and why won’t anyone tell her if she’s a murderer. She legit scares Jessica, which is no small accomplishment considering her daughter was constantly getting her way by holding her breath until she passed right the fuck out. So she tells Spencer to scram.

Back at home, Toby and the Hastings’ holograms say Spencer’s gotta get some help. And she does. She took those pills A left for her.

Also out roaming the nighttime streets is Aria. Hanna intercepts her on her way to Holbrook’s house to confess to having a relationship with Mr. Fitz. Again, the saddest thing: What sent her over this new edge isn’t more rumination on the way he exploited her, but more proof that “he doesn’t love me!” because she called his publishing company and found out he’s going through the book. Baby girl, even if he doesn’t publish that book, even if he does love you, it’s a moot point. Man, she’s gonna need some therapy. We’re all gonna need some therapy.


Finally, back at Emily’s, Paige wants to make out and make some dinner, but Emily is like, “Aren’t you even a little bit grossed out by what we did to each other today?” Paige is like, “Yeah, but I’m going to do something real dumb if I leave here.” So but Emily asks her to leave, and she does something real dumb (for very understandable reasons, which I spent a thousand years writing about above). She writes a letter to the cops telling them Ali is alive, she points them in the right direction, and she drops the note inside a police car. Sometimes a thing is more real than right or wrong.

The Risen Mitten drinks some wine and sits in front of the fire and thinks about burning Ezra’s “True Crime” novel.

One zillion thanks to my screencapping partner @margaretrosey. She got Mona on Buzzfeed’s “Which PLL character are you?” test and I got Toby, so we’re only relating to each other in character now. So I should tell you she is my Lord and my Savior. She is my queen. And here are all her screencaps.

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