“Pretty Little Liars” recap (4.21): The Scarlet Letter

In the courtyard at school, Emily blitzes by Paige without a hello and so Paige has to call after her, like, “Uh, hey, girlfriend!” Then:


Paige: We should hang out some time due to us being lovers.
Emily: Yeah, yeah, for sure. I gotta deal with Aria’s public meltdown later and then do a couple of errands. Get poisoned by my toothpaste. Dig my mom out of the rubble in the kitchen where a truck ran through the wall. Just the regular stuff.
Paige: Is that one hundred thousand dollars of cash money in your backpack?
Emily: Yeah, it’s my birthday present from my grandma.
Paige: Your grandmother gave you a wad of hundred dollar bills totaling one hundred thousand dollars for your birthday?
Emily: Yeah, her mattress is stuffed with money. It’s what people do because of The Depression.
Paige: Sure, OK. You wanna grab some dinner after you go to the bank and deposit the one hundred thousand dollars in cash that your grandma dug out of her mattress and gave you for your birthday?
Emily: Yep, sounds good!

Paige rolls her eyes when Emily kisses her and walks away.


Aria does not find Ezra, but that doesn’t stop her from breaking into his apartment and very nearly burning it to the ground. She goes through all of his “True Crime” novel files. Just boxes upon boxes of feelings journals full of feelings about how Aria is spilling her guts and the guts of all the Liars because she suspects nothing. He even writes down one of her most painful memories about finding out her dad was doing to Meredith what Ezra was doing to her. She throws stuff and knocks stuff over and growls and howls and stabs things and rips prints off the wall. She spares his typewriter, because even when she’s losing her goddamn mind, she’s still Aria.

Also still herself despite going through withdrawals the likes of which I have never seen in my life from ADD medication, is Spencer Hastings. The Liars find Aria crying in the wreckage of Ezra’s apartment. When they rush in to make sure she’s OK, she says in the smallest, saddest voice that now, in addition to dealing with the knowledge that Ezra was creeping on them for two years after dating Alison DiLaurentis, she also has realized that she just handed him their secrets too. Emily and Hannah pull Aria to her feet and help her to the door, but Spencer, just sweating and shaking and convulsing, is like, “The hell you say. We are not leaving all these clues behind.” Hannah goes, “Spencer!” And Spencer is like, “Look, if Santa wrecked his sleigh, it’d be sad that Christmas was over forever, but that doesn’t negate the fact that somebody’s going to get their hands on all those toys.”

On the way home from Ezra’s Hanna pops by the court house to visit her reading club buddy, Detective Holbrook. She asks him not to press charges against Travis’ dad because Wilden was an abuser who deserved to die, and Travis’ dad was trying to get out from under his manipulative thumb. Holbrook sighs and says he cannot sidestep the law, even for Hanna Marin and her beautiful face. Maybe if she wasn’t wearing some floral patterned feety pajamas, he could. But not today.


Emily goes to the post office to drop off Ali’s satchel of money and you know Paige has followed her ass there, like, “Hey, Ems. I’m also here to deposit an obscene amount of birthday money into the bank — oh, wait. Is this not a bank? Is this a random post office in a random town where a person might go to do, gosh I don’t know, A stuff?” Emily frog-marches her outside and things get real ugly.

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