“Pretty Little Liars” recap (4.15): I Kissed a Ghost and I Liked It

Ezra arrives on the scene and locks Aria and Spencer in a closet and steal’s Ali’s diary and clomps around and makes howling ghost noises and jiggles the door handle and giggles about how scary he is. Next time he’ll put a sheet over his head and do it like a ghost! Oh, or no! Maybe a paper bag! He’s already got two of those all drawn up and ready to go!


Aria and Spencer call for help out the window and Hanna and Emily arrive to save them — but as soon as they’re free from the laundry room, there’s a knock on the outside door. If you didn’t know this was a Norman Buckley-directed episode before now, you absolutely do when this happens:



Sadly it is Travis and not someone whose head they can bash in. He takes them home and then sits quietly with Hanna while she starts to fall apart about Caleb. Over at the Hastings’, Peter yells at Spencer about going after Mrs. D and makes the rookie mistake of telling Spencer she has to follow his rules if she lives under his roof. She just shakes her head and rolls her eyes and goes, “My boyfriend makes roofs for a living, FATHER.” Toby happy to have her there when she arrives with her suitcase. Who knows what costumes are in that wheeled bag and also she knows how to make flan.


At Emily’s, Aria calls to lie to Fitz about where she’s been and he pumps gas in his A outfit and lies right back to her.

Emily finally comes clean to Aria about her otherworldly visit from Alison’s seductive ghost, but they don’t have time to dig into it too deeply because A texts to say thanks for decoding Ali’s diary for him. Aria and Emily look at each other all, “Finders keepers, remember?” And they rush out the door and into the night because they seriously never, ever, ever learn their lessons.

The Risen Mitten sits at a school teacher’s desk, which you know because an apple is sitting right there on top of it, and hacks into the BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA’s GPS to restore the factory settings. Too far, dillhole!


How about showing some love to my screencapping partner, @margaretrosey, who made the time to make the pictures even though she’s on a very exciting trip right now. Hearts for you for always, Maggie!

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