“Pretty Little Liars” recap (4.14): Doppelganger Destiny


On the window seat in Emily’s room, the one that is plump with a thousand Paily tears and feelings and confessions, Paige sits with her hands in her lap and waits for Emily to explain her latest round of PTSD. Emily can’t actually say that Ali is alive yet for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being that Paige would lose her goddamn mind, so instead she starts talking about how Ali gay-shamed her. It’s actually a really beautiful scene. Emily says that Ali let Emily kiss her once, which she thought was a gift, but then realized was really only Emily crafting her own Emily-specific ammunition with her soul strings and loading that shit right into Ali’s gun. Paige had this conversation with Emily once, a little bit, in the karaoke bar, but it was only abstract then because Paige was still in the closet and neither of them had ever said the words “puffy drapes” out loud. In typical Paige fashion, she doesn’t mention the way Ali called her “Pigskin” and stole her first love letter to Emily and forced her so deep into her own personal self-hating hell that she barely survived.

Instead she says, “I hate her for hurting you. Hearing her name basically makes my head burst into flames. But if you need to open yourself up to that pain to let it go, we can hold hands just like we did when I opened myself up and let go of the pain of being closeted, right here on this window seat, just by saying it out loud.”

You know this shot; it’s the “if I say it out loud” hand-holding shot, revered so that Paige is the comforter this time.


Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself. Albus Dumbledore said that. A wizard who believed in the power of redemption and the danger of Sorting too soon. You know Paige attends the church of Albus Dumbledore. A good thing, too, since he’s one of the only people in the world who knows how to destroy horcruxes.

Hanna and Caleb finally break-up for real and it’s way sadder than you even imagined, despite the fact that we’ve known it was coming since ABC Family first said the word “Ravenswood.” She slams the door two times to try to keep him from walking away, but she lets him walk out the third time and falls right into her mom’s arms because her dad did this same thing to them once too and old wounds suck llama balls. Hanna doesn’t just let Caleb go, though. She follows him to town and reminds him not to forget the coffee he left on the roof of his car and he says he won’t forget anything and he ugly-cries his way right out of town. Oh, beautiful hobo. If you ever find yourself missing the full spectrum of color, you always know where to find us. Our central heating and air ducts are always open to you.


Out in the hills at Ezra’s “friend’s” cabin, The Risen Mitten opens the secret floorboard compartment and whistles down the stairs for Tippi the Bird to come on up to the kitchen for a rotisserie chicken supper.

Guys, guys, guys, it is so great to be back! As always, I have got to give Maggie (@MargaretRosey) an enormous shout-out/internet hug for creating the greatest screencaps on the internet. This season she’s even sharing her full albums with you guys so you can grab the caps and use them for your own projects. If you take any of them, be sure to tweet her your thanks. She works really, really hard.

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