“Pretty Little Liars” recap 4.10: You can ring my bell jar


Spencer and Toby stop by Dr. Palmer’s retirement home to talk about Toby’s mom, which he is happy to do, but oh, wait, did he want them to play this sheet music on the piano, well that’s too bad because he’s not really proficient in it, but did he tell you about the research he’s doing on the 99 flavors of the stars in the galaxy. Spencer’s wasted about enough time on Toby’s ghost hunt, so she just starts playing that music on the piano like she did on the piano when she was at Radley because all asylums have a piano.


Dr. Palmer: Ah, Marion what a lovely song! You should play it for little Boo when he comes by today to see you!
Spencer: …whuuuuut?
Dr. Palmer: Your son, Toby Cavenaugh! He’d be so happy to know you’re doing your music again instead of trying to kill yourself!
Spencer: No, seriously. What?
Dr. Palmer: Such a darling little boy. Little tiny child. Toby the teeny tiny teensy tot and you his grown-up adult mother.
Spencer: Awesome. Toby and I will definitely be able to stomach seeing each other naked again after this shit. Well, while I have your attention: You know that blonde haired girl you told me to stay away from…?
Dr. Palmer: Alas, our time is up! Scoot along now, it’s time for my appointment with Ms. DiLaurentis!

At a whole other insane asylum, Veronica stops by for a little chat with Mona, which surprises Vanderjesus but doesn’t throw her off her game.


She’s like, “How’d you get in here? Oh, right. You probs made friends with the guards when your daughter was scooting around in this very bedroom with that hair.” Veronica laughs in her face because they both know she never visited Spencer in here. Veronica goes, “People say you’re terrifying. Well, bitch, I also am terrifying.” Mona doesn’t blink, just monotones: “Terrifying doesn’t tell; terrifying shows.” So Veronica threatens her with jail, which causes the corners of Mona’s mouth to twitch at least: “I have no intention of going to Azkaban, Ms. Hastings. I could break out, of course — but what a waste of time, and frankly, I can think of a whole host of things I would rather be doing.” Veronica scowls. Mona offers her a Nilla Wafer. Nice try, SVU.


Just as Aria is getting ready to attend Jake’s kung fu game, her phone rings and it is Ezra. He is staring at himself in a glass window and looking like he’s about five seconds from just snapping. (I wish he would. I wish he would snap. I wish he would get one of those Melissa masks from Face Lake and start robbing banks and vandalizing more cars and terrorizing Vice-Principal Hackett. I wish he’d attend Spencer’s lockpicking classes and the go nuts.) Aria tells Jake she’ll be right in. Her finger hovers over her phone. And she denies Ezra’s call! Aria Montgomery! I did not know you had that in you! How healthy and responsible and grown-up! Anyhoodle, she enjoys Jake’s kung fu game and then they eat vegetarian burritos and make out. The show Aria is on is so dreamy. What a really wonderful place for a teenage girl to live and play and love, this Rosewood, Pennsylvania.

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