“Pretty Little Liars” recap 4.10: You can ring my bell jar

Toby returns home from Philly to find an envelope on his stairs containing the sheet music the Risen Mitten packaged up for him last week. He calls Spencer to come help him find out more pointless information about his dead mom who will continue to be dead no matter when he finds out how she died, and Spencer totally trots right over to help him, even though what she should be doing is standing side-by-side with Emily, who:


Has just shown up at the DiLaurentis place where Jessica D. is having herself a little seance in the middle of the living room, trying to commune with Ali about what kind of snack she should feed their visitors. She offers to turn on Scooby-Doo for Emily and Spencer and bring them a plate of those Nilla Wafers that they love so much; probably she’s even got some Hershey’s syrup in the fridge and can whip them up a glass of chocolate milk. Spencer turns her face to Ems and it goes: “Oh, girl, jackpot.” And that’s before Mrs. D reaches into Ali’s closet with trembling hands to move Ali’s winter clothes that she just hanged up in there like two weeks ago. Emily is like, “It’s cool, Mrs. D. Don’t worry about it. I only wear jean vests. They don’t stay on hangers anyway.”

Also making an afternoon snack of comfort food is Hanna Marin. Caleb laughs about how she’s back on carbs again, but she says no, this is for her mother, who cannot summon the energy to get out of bed when she knows there’s no wine waiting for her in the kitchen. Toby wants to go to Philly to stake out that address from the cable bill, but Hanna says Aria’s going to do it when she’s in town for the Tang Soo Dotacular tonight. But there is one thing he could do for her: He could help her sneak into Radley. Caleb has had it up to here with Hanna’s Mona mania. He says her life is already dangerous enough — cars driving into Emily’s house, Jenna floating in the lake like soggy bread(!) — and now she wants to “ring the Bell Jar”(!!). He says sorry Charlie, he will not help Hanna get into Radley. She tells him to scram then.

Parenthetically, here’s a little quote from The Bell Jar I think you should just pocket and meditate upon after Jessica DiLaurentis flashes us back in just a little while:

My mother smiled. “I know my baby wasn’t like that.”
I looked at her. “Like what?”
“Like those awful people. Those awful dead people at that hospital.” She paused. “I knew you’d decide to be all right again.”


Hanna decides to go to Wren for help. After all, he came to her aid last time Mona was in Radley, and when Spencer was there, he’s the one who chaperoned her little sapphic spook shimmy with Ali’s ghost, after which he told her he was the one who’d let Cece in to see Mona when she first arrived. Hanna actually mentions the Cece visitation thing to him and he says a blonde girl showed up last night, but he assumed it had been Hanna. She’s like, “Nope, I was at home eating pie with my mom and the pastor who bought her hand in marriage with one hundred thousand dollars of bail money.” Wren says he’ll do what he can to help her, but as soon as she’s gone, he rings up someone on their mobile and says he’s going to fix half of the problem and they’ve got to fix the other half.


Toby shows Spencer the sheet music the Risen Mitten sent to him and this note that says he should leave the (Eddie) lamb alone and go after the lion. Toby is pretty sure the lion is his mom’s old shrink, Dr. Palmer, the one who’s writing the book about the color of water and the taste of sunshine. He wants Spencer to come visit him because she’s got absolutely zero sense of decorum and will have no trouble waterboarding an elderly man with dementia. She sighs and says she’ll come, but her patience with this storyline is waning fast. She’s like, “If we don’t have an answer about your mom’s death locked down by the 4A finale, I’m out, dude.” He thinks that’s fair. I think it’s more than fair.

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