“Pretty Little Liars” recap 3.20: Sonnet to Sappho


Out in the parking lot in her very own BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA, Paige Bings her radio to Fandom FM, where Tumblr is singing about how they want to kiss, kiss, kiss her all over. She brings up Rosewood Costume Shop on her GPS just as Hanna and Emily stick their heads in the window to spy out whether or not she’s spying. When Paige says she was just headed home, Hanna goes: “Liar!” which is totally code for: “Welcome to the family!” Emily and Paige squabble for a second about who should be protecting whom, while Hanna climbs into the backseat and buckles her seatbelt and waits patiently for a ride. Paige is like, “Are you this hard on Caleb?” And Hanna is like, “The last time you guys were in cahoots, he shot himself in the stomach and you got kidnapped. Just drive.”

Aria spots Spencer at school and rushes her like when you come home and your puppy hasn’t seen you in four hours, but Spencer darts into the bathroom and locks herself into a stall because even Aria licking her face isn’t going to make her feel better right now. Aria knows Emily tried tough love and cupcakes and dangling clues in front of Spencer’s face, none of which worked. So she goes straight for the good stuff, invoking “Team Sparia” out loud and saying that maybe Spencer doesn’t want to need right now, but that doesn’t mean Aria stopped needing her. She means that she needs to talk about Ezra, but Spencer really knows the Liars need her so they can stay alive. She chews on her fingers and listens to Aria leave and tries to keep her brain from thinking and her heart from feeling and her feet from chasing after her best friend.

It’s easy to take for granted how beautifully filmed this show is. Look at that direction right there. You could watch six hundred thousand episodes of Secret Life and never, ever, ever see a single shot composed with such grace.

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