“Pretty Little Liars” recap 3.16: Girl-on-Girl Talk


At Toby’s “loft,” Spencer prepares everything just so for her surprise anniversary dinner. There’s lasagna, her Nana’s special recipe. There’s a scrabble board, engraved: “For T, my safe place to land. Always your girl, S.” And there’s a junk drawer, with Toby’s Radley visitation badge inside.

When I watched this episode last night, I thought that Toby believed Spencer about the dinner with her dad and that Spencer found Toby’s Radley visitation badge while waiting for Toby to drive home in the rain. But when I watched it again this morning, I decided that they were locked in a heartbreaking game of chicken for almost the whole episode. Toby begging for someone, anyone to tell him about the A stuff starting up again, and probably he was convinced Spencer was blowing him off for sleuthing and not her dad’s dumb work thing. I mean, does Spencer even have a dad? (Answer: No.) But now I think Spencer found his Radley visitation badge when she put that pen back in the desk drawer, right now, and so everything after this is about laying a trap for Toby and praying he’ll prove her wrong. Right? Why else would she leave A’s lair key lying around? She’s way too on her game for that. So, it’s like he’s daring her to lie and she’s doing it and she’s daring him to lie and he’s doing it and he’s daring and she’s daring and he’s lying and she’s lying and it’s all so sad!

Hanna stops outside the Philadelphia Mannequin Factory — where she’s interviewing for her internship — to check out her reflection in the window. She looks amazing but what she sees is Vivian Darkbloom’s red coat over her shoulder. She flips around but the coat disappears. Inside, Hanna calls out for Coraline, but no one answers. That’s because the whole place is filled with naked, faceless mannequins, and pretty soon they’re attacking Hanna like an ivory mob. She screams and runs and tries to hide, but the mannequins just keep on coming. That’s because A is there, hurling them at Hanna. Finally, the mannequins take her down and A rushes out the door, too busy gloating over his clever text about “Next time you’ll be faceless” to even notice that he lost the key to his lair because he didn’t let Spencer sew up the hole in his pocket.

(Why is it one thousand times more awful to know it really is Toby doing and saying stuff like this? Mona’s nuts and also she is a god so she can do what she wants without having her motives questioned, but what did Hanna ever do to Toby besides take him to that boring church dance?)

Anyway, things are dicey all around. Emily very nearly catches the first meeting of Caleb and Paige’s Confederation of Concerned Lezzers & Lesbros, but she stops just short of seeing her girlfriend in the coffee shop where she’s tailed Caleb because Spencer texts to alert her to Hanna’s attack.

Obviously, things are capricious back at Ezra’s as well.

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