“Pretty Little Liars” recap (3.02) — Bitch Can See!


At school, Emily is killing her English makeup exam until she spots the girl in front of her putting in a hair clip which triggers her PTSD which causes her to flashback to the night she was roofied and kidnapped and deposited at the empty grave of Alison DiLaurentis. Emily’s like, “Fuzzy hair clip, fuzzy steering wheel, fuzzy robot eyeballs — ROBOT EYEBALLS! JENNA CAN SEE!” She leaves Ella’s class again without so much as a please or thank you this time because hot damn!

Caleb drops off Hanna at Radley and waits patiently while she gives Mona a full makeover because of how Mona one time gave her a full makeover after crushing her spleen with her Land Rover. Mona’s just intrigued enough to ask Hanna if A is texting them again, but then visiting hours are over. Hanna’s like, “Goddammit, I still love you and I’m going to keep coming back until you realize you still love me too, you mental basket!” While he’s waiting for Hanna, Caleb has a chat with Dr. Wren, who, of course, spills the crumpets about how he and Hanna have been buddying up to try to heal Mona. But they both fall down on their healing duties tonight because Hanna leaves some tweezers behind and Mona uses them to bore a hole in her finger.

Aria apologizes to Meredith for reasons I will never understand. Meredith, like Byron, is still convinced that Aria is the villain of their tragic little love affair. But she does have one good tidbit of information: Those earrings Aria found weren’t hers, which means they were a plant from Ali. (Hedda: Oh, it was a little episode with Miss Tesman this morning. She had laid down her bonnet on the chair there—[Looks at him and smiles.]—and I pretended to think it was the servant’s.)

The moms are up to no good right now also. Ella went ahead and finished up Emily’s makeup test for her and Veronica went ahead and agreed to defend Garrett in his murder trial.

Rosewood High Water Closet. The Liars have made this restroom their own personal clubhouse, huh? They’ve gone fully ADHD over the earring revelation and the Jenna revelation. When the bell rings, they try to rush off to class, but when Jenna comes click-clacking with her blind stick down the hallway, they realize this is their chance. They plant the earring on the bathroom sink and hide out in the stalls and wait with bated breath to see if Jenna uses her eyeballs. She fills up her water bottle, rinses out her water bottle, pockets her water bottle — then lowers her sunglasses and picks up the earring and examines it. The Liars own eyeballs go ca-razy (more great editing!) and then Jenna click-clacks back out into the hallway.

Spencer says they’ve got her now. And the Liars agree they’ve got her now. And what has ever gone wrong when they’ve been so sure of victory? Oh, you know — everything.

Risen Mitten II buys a new pair of leather gloves because, well:

Hedda: Do you think it quite incomprehensible that a young girl—when it can be done—without any one knowing—
Løvborg: Well?
Hedda: —should be glad to have a peep, now and then, into a world which—?
Løvborg: Which—?
Hedda: —which she is forbidden to know anything about?

No, my dear, I don’t think it’s incomprehensible at all. Have a peep and a hoodie and we’ll see you seeing us real soon.

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