“Pretty Little Liars” recap (2.25) — May the odds be ever in your favor!

Anyway, Spencer’s iPhone defaults to FaceTime, luckily, so the Liars see this whole thing happening and are on their way to Lookout Point to thwart Spencer’s murder. Spencer pulls the emergency break on Mona’s car then makes a break for it. Mona chases after her and Hanna almost plows her down AGAIN. Punches get thrown, hair gets pulled, bitches get slapped, and Spencer lifts Mona up over her head and just tosses her over the edge of a cliff. It’s incredible. It’s just so damn incredible. 

The Liars are devastated and terrified out of their Pretty Little Heads. It’d be a fine time to talk to their therapist, but that’ll never happen because she left town after — oh, never mind. Here she is. She apologizes for skipping out on them and not giving up the identity of the person who nearly murdered all of them just now. They cry and talk about how “It’s over.” And no sooner are the words out of their mouths than a cop shouts, “She’s alive!”

YES! Er, I mean. Fine. Whatever. It’s not like I’m rooting for the Death Eaters. (Am I? Oh, God. I need to use the upcoming PLL hiatus to sort out my priorities.)

Once they’ve got Mona safely locked up in Rosewood Sanitorum, still looking amazing even after falling off a cliff, Dr. Annabeth Gish explains why Mona was able to do the things she did: “She’s a sociopathic genius with ADHD, a condition that overstimulates the ‘Zeus hormone,’ a specific type of serotonin that infuses the brain and body with god-like superpowers.” No one questions her diagnosis. And why would you? That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard in my life.

Guess who gave Dr. Annabeth Gish the courage to come back to Rosewood? That rascal Boo Radley. He’s waiting outside, leaning against his pickup truck, quite at his leisure. Spencer rushes up to him and they angry kiss for a minute and it looks like everyone’s going to get their happy ending.

Just kidding!

The Liars walk home arm-in-arm. All the ambulances and police cars that were at Lookout Point are now outside of … I don’t know where they are. These houses are stacked on top of each other in my mind. Everyone lives next door to everyone. Emily goes running, sensing something is wrong, and Pam meets her just as she crosses the police line. She’s like, “Can you believe it? They just dug up another girl you were in love with! Honey, are you sure you’re a lesbian? It seems very dangerous.”

I’ve watched this episode about ten times now because it’s a gem, but I was only able to watch this scene on the first viewing. Shay Mitchell broke my heart into a gazillion pieces. Watching her cry felt like getting punched in the heart. I mean, how far has she come as an actress. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. (For a more serious discussion about Maya’s death, here’s a thing I wrote right after the finale.)

One thing is that when you get locked away for being a homicidal maniac, you get visitors right away. Mona’s got one. There’s no Risen Mitten anymore, but there’s a woman wearing a red coat and Mona looks right at her and says, “I did everything you asked me to do.”


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