“Pretty Little Liars” mini-cap (1.03): Alison was like, “Emily, I can’t invite you. I think you’re a lesbian.”


See for yourself!

Sorry, non-American readers. Hulu is the only place I could get the clip. If I find one that’s not geo-blocked, I’ll put it up! Here’s a still photo to hold you over.

While the making out is happening inside the curtain, the photos drop outside the curtain, and someone sneaks by and snags them.

Emily flips out a little bit, but Maya says not to worry, that the printer is probably out of paper. (MAYA, ARE YOU “A” OR NOT? I THINK YOU ARE! OH, I THINK YOU ARE!)

On the way home from the party, Emily sees Toby sitting on the porch and she stops to thank him. He smiles sweetly, and then — out of the shadows! — Jenna goes, “What is she thanking you for?” And he says its not what she thinks.

The next day, the PLLS tromp back into the woods to try to make their shrine again. They’re halfway to agreeing to stop keeping secrets from one another when they hear the creeper creeping again. This time, they chase after him/her/it, and find Alison’s friendship bracelet lying
on the ground.

And just when you think it’s over, Catte Adams starts crooning “Just Like Heaven,” and someone with black leather gloves is printing out the photo booth photos of Maya and Emily kissing, and hanging them on a wall full of photos of Maya and Emily kissing. (Awesome, awesome, awesome.)

Is “A” really Sophia? She’s got a lot of experience stalking! Is “A” really Maya? She’s got all of A’s old stuff and the hots for Emily! Is Jenna a robot? Is Toby Boo Radley? Is Ben a wolf? Is Alison a zombie? Is Ian Harding related to Gilbert Blythe? I don’t know, you know guys! I don’t know! But my God, I love this show.

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