“Pretty Little Liars” gets creepy at the cemetery for Halloween

Next is Marlene King, PLL showrunner one of our Sapphic ilk.


AE: I have been told to look deep in your eyes and ask: Will Mona and Shana be going lesbian for each other?

Marlene: Laughs uncomfortably. [Why does everyone laugh uncomfortably when I talk to them??!] Not yet, but you never know.

AE: But it seems like they have chemistry, no? [This is called a leading question]

Marlene: Mona has chemistry with everyone! In Rosewood and Ravenswood, you never know.

AE: Speaking of Ravenswood, are you going to bring any gay elements for our lesbian audiences?

Marlene: Well I’m sure we will. In the first couple episodes, there isn’t yet, but I’m sure we will.

AE: What about Paige and Emily’s relationship? What can you tell me about the future of their relationship?

Marlene: I love Paige and Emily! I love watching them, love sharing their experience with them, and we’ll continue to do that!

AE: So do you think they’re in it for the long haul, or could there be a breakup looming?

Marlene: I think they’re going through standard relationship stuff right now. A’s not taunting or torturing them, so they’re going through the growing pains of what it is to be a senior in high school and realize your dreams may continue in the same direction, or they may not.


AE: Do you think Ali ever did have feelings for Emily?

Marlene: Yes.

AE: Do you think if Ali comes back, they might continue to explore their relationship?

Marlene: I think it’s totally possible. They have a connection that’s undeniable. Emily definitely was in love with Alison, Alison was Emily’s first love. That you can’t deny.

AE: So do you think Ali would be a bisexual?

Marlene: I think Ali likes to keep her options open.

Speak of the devil. Sasha Pieterse, looking every ounce the manic pixie mermaid dream girl, appears before me with a flounce of flaxen ringlets.


I make eye contact. She smiles politely. Target targeted, ahoy! Or whatever. I’m not a sailor. We maintain eye contact for the recommended seven-12 seconds, and mermaid Sasha finally sashays into my welcoming arms/periphery.

AE: Do you think Ali really had feelings for Emily?

Sasha: Ali cared a lot about Emily, but she was also very manipulative. I don’t think she liked Emily in that romantic way, but I do think Emily was and still is a very special person to Ali. You can see that by the way Ali treated Emily.  They have a unique bond.

AE: Would you call Ali bisexual?

Sasha: Hmmm. No, I don’t think I would. What happened between Emily and Ali was more of an exception. I don’t think Ali shared the feelings Emily had for her.

AE: Is there any chance of Emily and Ali getting back together?

Sasha: I don’t think so, but I think they’re going to have a lot to talk about. Then again, you never know!

Sasha looks at me like she’s looking at the pimple on my cheek, which she may well be doing. She is beautiful in a way that’s almost disturbing, as if in violation of the laws of human imperfection. Sasha beams at the press. Everyone beams on the red carpet ‘cause it’s Hollywood, babe.

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