Play Like a Girl: The Top 20 female athletes on screen


15. Kate Bosworth as Anne Marie in Blue Crush

Great uniform or greatest uniform?

14. Ellen Page as Bliss Cavendar in Whip It!

Bonus points for those cool roller derby nicknames.

13. Shay Mitchell as Emily on Pretty Little Liars

She’s a swimmer. She’s into girls. Cue “breast stroke” joke here.

12. Missy Peregrym as Haley in Stick It

Those abs, have mercy, those abs.

11. Katharine Hepburn as Pat in Pat and Mike

Kate plays golf and tennis in this movie, though I’d be perfectly happy just watching her just tie her shoes.

10. Tatum O’Neal as Whurlitzer in The Bad News Bears

Tatum in her Little League uniform is still every tomboy’s ideal.

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