Pilot Pirate: “Hallelujah” and “The Doctor”

Pilot: The Doctor (drama)
Writer: Rina Mimoun (Privileged)
Network: CBS
Logline: A mother joins the family medical practice and reconnects with her adult children after the death of her husband.
Cast: Christine Lahti, Eva Amurri, Scott Foley, Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Boatman.
Director: David  Nutter (Shameless, ER, The X-Files)

Christine Lahti and Eva Amurri

The characters:
Emily Campbell, a former stay at home mother who has transitioned to a stay at home wife of Ben, a doctor who runs a family practice (Lahti)
David Campbell, 30s, Emily’s cocky son, a brilliant surgeon (Foley)
Natasha Campbell, 26, Emily’s daughter (Amurri)
Jason Walden, Ben’s business partner and best friend (MacLachlan)
Robert Brody, the chief of staff at Hartford Medical Center (Boatman)

It’s been nearly 30 years since Emily Campbell (Christine Lahti, Chicago Hope) graduated from Harvard Medical School. In that time, she has devoted herself to her family: Husband Ben runs a family medical practice; son David is a brilliant doctor who also works at the practice; and daughter Natasha, well, every family has its dark horse.

Emily’s perfect life is thrown upside down when Ben dies: David begins to explore selling the family practice as his ego begins to take over and Emily’s already-strained relationship with Natasha — a recovering addict — is pushed to near total silence. Neither kid knows what to do with mom, who’s struggling to get through each day six months later until Natasha discovers her mother’s history as a brilliant surgeon who finished at the top of her class at Harvard and was among the leaders in her field until she gave it up to focus on her family.

Lahti, who spent five years practicing medicine on Chicago Hope, is perfect for the part. She’s smart without being over-the-top, a family woman who is still a feminist at heart and sharp enough to use a fellow doctor’s admiration in a fun way.

Scott Foley (Grey’s Anatomy) will make for a solid David: the first born who has no idea about the extent of his mother’s abilities who goes head-to-head with his sister after she stumbles on Emily’s numerous accolades and pushes for mom to return to medicine. David will be tasked with working with his mother at both the family practice and Hartford Medical, where she’ll be a resident.

There’s also a love triangle ready and waiting to happen should The Doctor get picked up to series: Ben’s business partner and former best friend, Jason (Kyle MacLachlan, How I Met Your Mother) and Robert Brody, the chief of staff at Hartford Medical — who had a crush on Emily when he was an intern — both make no secret about their feelings. Emily will be navigating both doctors’ affections in addition to processing the grief over the loss of her husband.

Natasha (Eva Amurri, Californication) is reminiscent of Lauren Ambrose‘s Claire Fisher in early seasons of Six Feet Under. The character is emotional and bold despite being 26-years old and still struggling to figure out who she is and where she fits in.

Overall, it’s a promising series with a stellar female lead in Lahti.

Pilot Pirate outlook: A family medical drama.

What do you think? Would you watch Hallelujah or The Doctor if they showed up come fall?

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