Pilot Pirate: “Hail Mary” and “Two Broke Girls”

Pilot: Two Broke Girls (comedy)

Writers: Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) and stand-up comic Whitney Cummings

Network: CBS

Logline: Two girls from different walks of life wait tables at a restaurant with the hopes of pooling their money and starting a business.

Cast: Kat Dennings (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist), Beth Behrs (NCIS: Los Angeles)

Director: James Burrows (The Big Bang Theory pilot)

The characters:

Max Black, 23, a cool, street-smart, independent and tough New York waitress (Dennings)

Han Lee, 33, Korean-born restaurant owner

Caroline Channing, 22, pretty, book smart former yuppie (Behrs)

As much as Fox’s Iceland has heart in the way its characters care for Mackenzie after her fiancé unexpectedly dies, CBS’ Two Broke Girls does the same thing — only with sarcasm. Everything takes place at the Williamsburg diner in Brooklyn, where Max (Dennings) waits tables. After her lovable boss, Han, finds out the only other waitress in the dumpy, ’80s-themed restaurant is fired for “servicing” the Russian Mafia, newbie waitress Carolline (Behrs) comes in and Max is forced to show her the ropes.

After Max finds out Caroline is the daughter of a famed (and now jailed) New York ponzi scheme mastermind and is spending her nights sleeping on the subway, Max invites her into her apartment, where Max’s sleazy boyfriend hits on her.

While it’s predicable that Caroline and Max become friendly — Caroline warns Max about her cheating boyfriend and Max also returns the favor and helps toughen Caroline up as the duo bond over a business plan to start their own cupcake business — what makes this script promising is the snarky banter that surely comes from the brilliant mind of stand-up comic Whitney Cummings, who co-wrote the script (and will executive produce).

Max is written much like Lizzy Caplan‘s Janis Ian in Mean Girls and Dennings could be the perfect fit for the role. Newcomer Behrs’ Caroline, meanwhile, comes across like Alicia Silverstone’s Cher in Clueless.

Max’s second job as a baby sitter for a snobby and stereotypical spoiled rich chick is funny but it’s nothing new — unless you count her naming her twin babies Brad and Angelina.

Pilot Pirate outlook: Sweet and smart. Plus how can you not like a comedy with two strong female characters?

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