Perez Talks the Talk. Will He Walk the Walk?


Of all of the positive things to come out of the tragic suicides of gay teens, this one has to be one of the most unexpected. Gossipmonger Perez Hilton asked to appear on Ellen today to announce his pledge to stop outing people, stop being nasty, and stop drawing lewd things on pictures of celebrities. He says he is doing this now because ever since he started speaking out about teen suicides and bullying people have been calling him a hypocrite, something he didn’t realize he was accurately perceived as being.

Ellen rightfully asks him how could he possibly have been unaware that he was a bully. He blames the fact that he was only 26-years-old when he built his brand around penises drawn on celebrity photographs and didn’t know better. But given that we are asking 13-year-old kids how they can be so cruel to the gay teens and that their behavior is unacceptable, Perez’ excuse doesn’t exactly go down easy.

Ellen says she believes in second chances. I’m not entirely sure she’s been keeping count on Perez.

What say you? Will Perez be as good to his word? Do we forgive and forget all he’s done including dragging people out of the closet? Can he hold his huge audience without the juvenile antics?


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