Pepa and Silvia Get Married


Antena3, the TV network that broadcasts Los Hombres de Paco, is heavily promoting the wedding, even creating a special section on their website devoted to "The Wedding of the Year," which includes a compilation of videos featuring scenes of the couple, and this overview in a subsection asking readers to weigh in:

It’s one of the sweetest, riskier and most surprising love stories of Spanish TV. The love between Pepa and Silvia has become a social phenomenon, even crossing frontiers, receiving international awards like the Visibility Award 2008 to the best international lesbian/bi show awarded by the prestigious site

After lots of fighting, doubts, kisses and hugs, there comes the moment of truth for pepa and Silvia. They’re getting married.

Silvia finally sees her dream come true. She was married to Lucas, but things did not work out. Later, she found Montoya, who was going to be the father of her child, but, in a fatal shooting, Silvia lost the baby and the desire to continue with the inspector in a relationship. Silvia’s love life was trending downwards until Pepa, Paco’s sister, re-entered in her life.

Pepa’s life has been a bit of a roller coaster. Her return to San Antonio incited an earthquake in the Miranda family. Once old wounds and problems were solved, Pepa settled down in the Precinct and then she saw Silvia. A spark was ignited between the girls, and slowly became love, despite Silvia’s fears.

Finally, both of them are preparing for their life’s biggest moment.

What do you think of this love story?

There are currently over 250 comments on Antena3′s website responding to this question.

There is likely to be unexpected drama at (or after) the wedding, especially since the following episode is the season finale. Several of the guests at the wedding are on the local Mafia’s hit list, which suggests the event may turn violent. According to rumors, someone may get kidnapped, and someone else may die (check out our "Pepsi" forum if you want to know more about that). But what’s a good lesbian wedding without a kidnapping, anyway?

At least we know the couple will make it past “I do” before any shooting starts.

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