Huddle: The Bald and the Beautiful


Cynthia Nixon shaved her head as part of her role for the Broadway play Wit, but she’s not the first woman to take it all off (their heads, I mean).

Whether it was to play a soldier, or because they actually had cancer, or because they like the look, these women show it is not the hair that makes the woman. Group, who is your favorite bald beauty?

Emily Hart: Remember when Robin Tunney shaved all of her hair off in Empire Records? That was so unbelievably awesome. My inner baby dyke gets all worked up just thinking about it, on the real. She really has the head shape for it, too.

Ali Davis: Persis Khambatta, now and forever. (OK, yes, the first Star Trek movie blows. But Persis made an impression on my young mind.)

The Linster: One of the most important things Robin Roberts did during her treatment for breast cancer happened on the catwalk at an Isaac Mizrah fashion show. Her Good Morning America coworkers encouraged her to appear in the show because Robin had spoken of her struggle to feel beautiful in the midst of chemotherapy. What GMA didn’t know was that she would walk the runway sans wig, in all her gorgeous, bald glory. I get teary just remembering.

Robin’s brave appearance was important to her own sense of self, but also served as a testament to other women with breast cancer, some of whom refuse treatment because they don’t want to lose their hair. Way to rock it, Robin.

Bridget McManus: My pick is bisexual model Amber Rose. And with that ass, who’s looking at her bald head anyway?

Karman Kregloe: When I first heard and saw Sinéad O’Connor sing, I was blown away. She had such passion and conviction and wildness in her voice, not to mention a big, bald head! While she’s had a bumpy ride since the late ’80s, she’s still getting rave reviews for her music (see her contribution to the new Bob Dylan tribute CD Chimes of Freedom). I still recommend her first album, though I would suggest that you not follow her on Twitter. I made that mistake and, as with Courtney Love, had to unfollow her because her tweets were just too damn depressing.

Dara Nai: You have to give props to an actor who’s brave enough to do whatever it takes in service of their character. No, I’m not talking about Bridesmaids‘ co-star Melissa McCarthy pooping in a sink. Hollywood actors poop in sinks all the time, although I’m pretty sure that was the first time one of them received an Oscar nomination for it. What I’m talking about are two ladies who willingly sacrificed their coveted tresses for film roles, and emerged even hotter:

Natalie Portman: Not only did Natalie go under the sheep shears, she did it on camera, in one take, for the political action drama V for Vendetta. Then again, Natalie would look gorgeous in a clown wig. Life is not fair.

Sigourney Weaver: Sigourney was the first A-list actress evah to go bald for a role, so I give her an affectionate head rub for that, if only she would let me. I seem to remember reading that she asked for and received an additional one million dollars to shave her head for Alien³. Fact or film legend fiction, I don’t know, but I hope she did. How much would it take for you to shave your head? I would need at least half a mil.

Mia Jones: The woman I support needs it now more than ever: Demi Moore as G.I. Jane. She has always been hot, but she has never been hotter. This is really saying a lot considering that poor gorgeous woman had to be in

camouflage almost the entire time. Get better in rehab, boo!

Trish Bendix: I loved it when Melissa Etheridge rocked her bald head and sang Janis Joplin on the Grammys. It was so heartfelt and so rock ‘n roll.

Weigh in: Who is your favorite woman without hair?

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