Samantha Ronson starts a vlog


Up until this week, there was a large void in the part of my soul where
cute, somewhat shy, hipster lesbians curl up to read a good book and
listen to PJ Harvey b-sides.
And then, something magical happened: Samantha Ronson
put out an
worthy of adding to my Spotify “Jean Jams” playlist and also
put out an hour-long live-streaming video with the girls from Hello Giggles.

If you are
unfamiliar with the Hello Giggles website, just know it’s a
lady-centric site founded by BFFs Zooey
, Molly McAleer and my biggest Twitter crush ever, Sophia Rossi. You should
probably take a little time to spend on it today. It’s Friday, after
all, so if at least half of your time isn’t being spent looking at fun
things on the internet, you’re really not living life to the fullest.
Now back to the video:

The stream opens the same way it would if my Bubby tried to
figure out how to record herself via a tiny computer camera. Five
seconds in, the most unexpectedly girly “Hi guys,” comes out of
Ronson’s mouth. The first time I watched the video, I had to go back
and rewatch that one “Hi guys,” no less than three times and now that
I’m watching it again, I still can’t put my finger on who she reminds
me of as she says it.

— Twenty-eight seconds in and Samantha is feeling shy so she calls
in Sophia for backup and now we’ve got a webcast my friends! I don’t
want to spoil it all for you but I also know not everyone has an hour
to spare, so I’m going to try to break out some of the more
interesting moments for you and give you the times you can find them.
Oh and one big takeaway I got from watching this is that Ronson and
Rossi are really big fans of giving shout outs. Like, really big fans
of the shout outs, so consider this a big shout out from me to you.

— About six minutes in, Samantha flashes her Grey’s Anatomy fan card and follows
up with a shout out to my favorite Tom
movie, Big. She’s got a major toy

— Around the 10 minute mark, they discuss a really cool volunteer
program with the 826 National organization
which was co-founded by one of my favorite authors, Dave Eggers, who also started McSweeney’s.

— Fourteen minutes in, we find that her newest app game obsession
is Scramble With Friends. She
gives out her username on there but I’m not including it here because I
need to make sure I start a game with her before all of you
Scramble-block me.

— At 17 minutes, the hard-hitting questions come in and we find out
which of Biggie Smalls‘ songs
is her favorite.

— She gives great advice at 18 minutes, which is to basically go out
and do some karaoke to get over some singing nerves. She also admits
that liquid courage sometimes helps. I can attest to this even if I
still get nervous enough to dry-heave before I’m called up to sing no
matter how much I’ve had to drink.

—Twenty-four minutes in I get nervous and question her taste in
music as soon the question of her favorite song comes up and the words “Third Eye
“come out of her mouth. She follows up with naming a
Stevie Wonder track and
before I can decide if this is enough for me, I remind myself that “All
I Want For Christmas Is You” is actually one of my favorite songs so I
shouldn’t be a Judge Judy.

—At the 33 minute mark I sit on the edge of my seat in
anticipation of finding out what a silent disco is. Spoiler alert: we
don’t find out until the 35 minute mark.

—Thirty-seven minutes in, we hear why we should give country music
a chance and this leads into who she’d like to collaborate with.

— Forty-one minutes in, Samantha describes her dog and may as well
have been describing my little snoring farters. Cute.

— At 45 minutes, she explains how her music (and music in general)
should be left up to interpretation so that it can be just as personal
for you as it is for her.

— Oh snap: At 48 she casually puts it out there that she
is in a relationship. So, don’t try to be Scramble With Friends With
Benefits. Sorry ladies!

And there you have it folks! If you hate goodbyes as much as I do, you
may be in luck! At the very end of the video, it sounds like this was
just episode one in what may become a monthly vlog. I’ll be keeping my
fingers crossed!

Thanks to my pal Brig for sending me the video!

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