8 New York wedding stories that will make you smile – and maybe even cry

Kim Dodd and Kathe Davridge hold signs as they wait in line to enter the Manhattan City Clerks office to get married.

Douglas Robinson and Michael Elsasser embrace after being married in Manhattan.

Christine Tulley and Rachel Baker wait in line to enter the Manhattan City Clerks Office.

Philippe, 72, and Byron, 86, are interviewed as they wait to be officially married.

New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and her partner Kim Catullo watch couples get married on Sunday.

Kimberley Moreno and Wendy Torrington celebrate after being married.

Jay Fischer and Michael Lehrman wait in line to get married in Brooklyn.

Lailah Pepe hugs her father after marrying her girlfriend in Brooklyn.

Phyllis Siegel kisses Connie Kopolev after they’re officially wed.


Things sure do look good on this side of history. 

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