Heather Peace’s tour documentary gives us another reason to swoon


Before returning to Glasgow to begin stuffing herself into hat boxes and filming the second season of Lip Service, Heather Peace and her band embarked on a two-week tour of the UK. She sold out all 12 locations from Belfast to London, and thanks to her recently released tour documentary, fans can see what kind of hijinks she and her crew got up to along the way.

I confess to not knowing much about Heather outside of her role as Detective Sergeant Sam Murray, aka Hot Cop, but after watching the four-part tour web series, I finally fully understand the transatlantic fainting and swooning that happens every time she walks into a room. Heather’s web series includes live performances of 12 songs from her album, This Is Me, but my favorite parts are the behind-the-scenes features. We get to see her in her dressing room, on her tour bus, interacting with fans, and giving guided tours of stops along the way.

The life of an independent artist on tour is as full of shenanigans as you might imagine, and Heather and her band handle them all with self-deprecating charm. During the first part of the series, Heather explains her tour like this: “Sparkling mineral water on the bus and moms and dads at the gigs. We are the least cool musicians in the world.”

Actually, that’s one of the best parts of the documentary — Heather’s dad is the tour bus driver. In fact, Heather apologizing to the camera as her parents bicker over directions in the front of the bus made me laugh for five solid minutes.

Another favorite is Heather’s stop in Manchester, where she has lunch with her crew at the Velvet Bar & Lounge, where she worked as a jazz singer when she was in drama school. Heather covers a lot of personal ground, from coming out to working as an actor to trying to make it as a musician.

The documentary was filmed by Patrick Stutt of Shoebox Media, and he did a hell of a job creating a narrative. I always feel like set-up shots in the UK are a kind of love letter to the landscape. It’s a really nice touch and the editing is just stellar.

If you’re a Heather Peace fan, or interested in becoming one of those ladies who throw bras at the telly and/or on stage every time she makes an appearance, it’s well worth the £4.99 to view all four parts of her tour web series. (Or whatever is the equivalent in US dollars. Seven bucks, probably.)

You can view the documentary and find out more about upcoming tour dates at HeatherPeace.com.

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