14 Mexican Lesbians We Love





Eliana and Joanna

Fernanda Castillo and Ducle Maria had some steamy scenes together last year when Eliana reunites with her former lover, Joanna, on Mujeres Asesinas.

Mariana Torres and Julia Aparicio

Las Aparicio‘s lesbian couple have had their ups-and-downs, but their struggles have only brought them closer. But since it’s a soap, they can never just stay happy together for long. Sigh.

Carmen de la pica Morales

As one of The L Word‘s most well-loved characters, Carmen was also one of the only women on the show whose family life and heritage was highlighted as part of a storyline. While Carmen first found it difficult to tell her family she was a lesbian, eventually they came to support her and her relationship with Shane.

Pia and Valentina

Niñas Mal is a telenovela set at an all-girl charm school — of course there’s a lesbian couple! The teen bad girls found each other and a legion of fans who couldn’t get enough. The show’s first season had great ratings, so a second season looks highly possible!

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