14 Mexican Lesbians We Love


Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, which means we shouldn’t leave out our Mexican (and Mexican-American) lesbians and the women who play them on TV. Here are 14 of them we’d love to share a margarita with — one straw.



Kenia Gascón

The actress came out officially in June of 2010 but has been with her partner for more than six years. She told a reporter, “I spent all my life pretending, being someone else to please everyone or because I was afraid of lose job opportunities. Sometimes, you just do everything to stay in the business and at the end you lose yourself.”

Jenn Alva and Phanie Diaz

The two out members of Girl in a Coma are Mexican-American and some of their love of Mexican art and culture seeps it’s way into their genre-fusing rock music.

Chavela Vargas

The legendary vocalist came out as a lesbian in 2000 at the age of 81, but has been in relationships with women all of her life. Most notably, she romanced Frida Kahlo.

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