Six Gay Women Who Have Gone Green


Lesbians have always been said to be environmentally friendly, and that’s one stereotype we sure don’t mind. We’ve been green and gay since before it was trendy.

In honor of Earth Day, we decided to celebrate some of the gayest green female celebrities.

6. Joan Jett

The rock ‘n’ roll legend has served as a PETA spokeswoman for several years, encouraging others to become vegetarian. Last year she released her Greatest Hits album and it was manufactured from 100% recycled paper, featuring biodegradable trays.

5. Brandi Carlile

The Seattle-based singer/songwriter has pledged to offset the carbon emissions from her tour bus this summer.

4. Jane Lynch

The Glee star told The Chicago Tribune that she has switched to LED lighting in her house and also got a new roof made from recycled material.

3. Jasika Nicole

The lesbian star of Fringe joined her castmates in this PSA giving some tips on how to be more environmentally friendly. Jasika’s tip: Buy locally.

2. Anita Lo

The chef said she was inspired to go green and use more sustainable agriculture in her New York restaurant after a trip to South Africa with culinary travel company Tour de Forks.

1. Missy Higgins

Missy has been active in an Australian effort to keep the area of Kimberly in its natural state when oil and gas companies threatened to move in. In 2008, she made her entire U.S. tour green by traveling in a Prius.

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