Styled Out: Patricia Field designs awesome clothes and maxi-pads


Who is Patricia Field? Someone rad that you might want to be aware of, especially since she designed this awesomeness.

Here’s the thing; you knew but you didn’t even know that you knew her! I love it when that happens. She is the designer behind one of the most beloved shows in history, Sex and the City. She’s also an out gay lady, so how about having that one on our team? I’m pretty proud.

Fortunately for us, her range spans a lot further than costume designing for fictional New Yorkers. Is it weird that I sort of have a crush on her? For starters, I really have the hots for her Icon T-Shirts, on the real. Plus, they’re unisex, meaning the cut should work for anyone who wants to don one.

Good thing that summer is right around the corner, because I need this sequined tank top for my very own. At $36, it’s like highway robbery. How did someone so high end end up so reasonable?

These jeans are real cute and, again, the price is right. I’m a fan of the higher (but not too high) waist. It’s a good look for those of us over the age of 21, you know?

Another obsession newly rooted in PF? This sick dress. I have three weddings to attend this summer and I think this little number fits the bill for at least one of them.

If I were going to pay way too much for something, it would be these sequined earphone covers. I mean, holler!

Just in case you’re ever in NYC and are as in love with this woman as I am, hit up her salon. Yeah, that’s right; she’s got beauty covered from head to toe — literally.

FYI, the pad P designed isn’t just for a laugh. Patricia has teamed up with Kotex in support of a budding designer yet to be selected. To win, you need to design your own fashion forward maxi pad, even if you’re more of a fan of tampons in your personal life.

The winner gets to meet Field in the flesh at New York’s fashion week in September. It’s awesome, especially for the fact that each design submitted empowers young women; Kotex has agreed to donate $1 for each entry to Girls For A Change.

I’m in love with her ironic and iconic sense of style. What say you?


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